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Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes

Most of humanity continues to be exploited on a daily basis in every conceivable way, be it through the obscenity of war or the ever-present spectre of poverty, abuse and neglect. Children bear the brunt of social systems which have become increasingly pathological under the guise of "progress."

The conditions for such inhumanity remain firmly in place due to a system of governments and Establishment institutions which are founded on power and greed. They thrive on a dis-empowered population and the suffering of millions. It is a hierarchical pathology that requires ignorance and apathy to continue. 

Stating the obvious perhaps? 

Nonetheless, until we understand that this is largely the result of purposeful and willful attempts by a relatively few number of global psychopaths which have, in turn, spawned lesser pathologies in the general populace as a whole - more balanced solutions will never be found. 

That is not to say that this is a psychological problem first and a spiritual problem second. There are undoubtedly still deeper issues that could come under the concept of a micro and macrocosmic spiritual blindness. However, a greater understanding of the deeper reality of the psychopath in our midst will contribute hugely to the understanding of the human condition and the reasons for repeated suffering.

Psychopaths and sub-categories of pathological deviants have succeeded in creating and/or "infecting" all social systems and beliefs. They have molded economics, politics, religion and art into their own mindset which sees greed, power and domination as the only arbiter of reality.  

Not only have they ruthlessly designed systems of control that ensure their places in power remain unassailable, these psychopaths can "recognize" each other and plan accordingly. This is extreme negativity doing what it does best: subjugate, control, scare, deceive and manipulate; thus it is the natural expression of evil - the individual without conscience or the ability to empathise; the individual who personifies the predator.

Is it no wonder that we still struggle to comprehend such people exist. We observe the actions of such people through the lens of the own innate compassion or conscience, however dormant.

Thus the psychopath has its advantage.

Until we see that all social iniquities - war, trafficking, poverty and genocide - are consciously manipulated to serve the appetites of a psycho-pathological elite - most particularly within the echelons of the Military-Corporate complex - then efforts to create more peace and prosperity will fail.

They know us too well.

They also know the creative power of people when informed with objective truth. They are afraid of true creativity because they have none of their own. They mimic true emotion and mirror the soul, yet they have neither. They are presently a minority that is seeking to make itself a majority which means knowledge of their presence is essential in countering their centuries-old predations.

If we share the information that the Psychopath and his precepts and principles control this world and we begin to guard against the type of social engineering that has created such appalling suffering - maybe things can change. Maybe we can begin to truly direct a torchlight into the abyss that has been draining Truth, Beauty and Goodness out of this world for far too long.

Once we see the psychology of how we can begin to take the correct steps to protect ourselves; to make changes that are not inevitably absorbed by psychopathic and narcissistic values. There may then be some hope of alleviating suffering and at least reducing the manifestations of ponerological power structures.

Please order a copy of the Book Political Ponerology (links below). I would also urge the reader to follow the links to two groundbreaking articles on this subject:

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Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes - by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

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