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Friday, 20 July 2018

Chemotherapy Kills: Doctor Claims More People Die From Chemo Than Cancer Itself

Live Love Fruit

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2018, there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed and over 609,640 cancer deaths in the United States alone (1). However, new research shines light on the truth that maybe it isn’t cancer that kills, but that chemotherapy kills.

For the first time ever, researchers looked at the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of starting chemotherapy, which indicates that the medication is the cause of death, rather than cancer itself. The study, published in The Lancet Oncology, showed that chemotherapy treatments kill up to 50% of cancer patients in some hospitals (2).

Chemotherapy Kills


The British study looked at more than 23,000 women with breast cancer and nearly 10,000 men with non-small cell lung cancer who underwent chemotherapy in 2014. Almost 1,400 patients died within a month of being given chemotherapy (roughly 8.4% of lung cancer patients and 2.4% of breast cancer patients).

In some hospitals, this figure was much higher. In Milton Keynes Hospital, the death rate for lung cancer treatment was 50.9%. At Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, the 30-day mortality rate was 28% for palliative chemotherapy for lung cancer.
According to the authors of the study by Public Health England and Cancer Research UK, “patients dying within 30 days after beginning treatment [with chemotherapy] are unlikely to have gained the survival or palliative benefits of the treatment, and in view of the side-effects sometimes caused…are more likely to have suffered harm.”

Immigration, Crime and Propaganda

Pierre Lescaudron

In my previous article on the topic of immigration, I wrote that one of "the destructive consequences of non-integrated mass migration is a rise in crime".

Migration is the top concern for EU citizens

Migration is the top concern for EU citizens
I naively thought the connection between migration and crime was obvious. However, after publishing the article, I researched the topic further and realized that, as usual, things are way more complex and interesting than it seems.

In the present article we will try to understand the connections, if any, between migration and crime. To do so, we will go through a series of charts, we will interpret them and, more importantly, we will see how those data are often cherry-picked and twisted to serve extremist ideological discourses.

First, let's have a look at how migration is perceived. In Europe, immigration has clearly become the most important source of concern among the average citizen. It is ranked higher than terrorism or unemployment.

Whether this concern is justified doesn't really matter at this point, because it reveals an important point: a majority of European people are really concerned about immigration into their countries, i.e. there is an emotional load. And we know that heightened emotional states constitute a very fertile ground for hystericization, black and white thinking and extremist ideologies.

Perceived effects of immigration

Perceived effects of immigration
Negative Perception of Immigration in Europe

European people tend to associate immigration with negative effects like dilution of culture, rise in unemployment, misappropriation of social benefits and rise in crime.

Among those deleterious effects, it is actually crime that shows the strongest negative association with migration, as shown in the chart on the right.

Only 10% of EU citizens (purple ellipse) think migration has a positive effect on crime. This survey dates back to 2014, and the figure has probably deteriorated further since then.

The two previous charts only deal with public opinion. So are those opinions based on some hard evidence or are they just the result of propaganda, fear, prejudice, racism?

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Undercover Facebook moderator was instructed not to remove fringe groups or hate speech

An investigative journalist who went undercover as a Facebook moderator in the UK says the company lets pages from far-right fringe groups “exceed deletion threshold,” and that those pages are “subject to different treatment in the same category as pages belonging to governments and news organizations.” The accusation is a damning one, undermining Facebook’s claims that it is actively trying to cut down on fake news, propaganda, hate speech, and other harmful content that may have significant real-world impact. 

The undercover journalist detailed his findings in a new documentary titled Inside Facebook: Secrets of the Social Network, that just aired on the UK’s Channel 4. The investigation outlines questionable practices on behalf of CPL Resources, a third-party content moderator firm based in Dublin, Ireland that Facebook has worked with since 2010. 

Those questionable practices primarily involve a hands-off approach to flagged and reported content like graphic violence, hate speech, and racist and other bigoted rhetoric from far-right groups. The undercover reporter says he was also instructed to ignore users who looked as if they were under 13 years of age, which is the minimum age requirement to sign up for Facebook in accordance with the Child Online Protection Act, a 1998 privacy law passed in the US designed to protect young children from exploitation and harmful and violent content on the internet. The documentary insinuates that Facebook takes a hands-off approach to such content, including blatantly false stories parading as truth, because it engages users for longer and drives up advertising revenue. 

Imperial Conquest: America’s “Long War” against Humanity

Global Research

The following text  is background document in relation to Michel Chossudovsky’s presentation entitled: The Globalization of War, US-NATO Threat Directed against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

The event is organized by Malaysia’s JUST Forum, IAIS Malaysia.

19 July 2018 (Thursday) 09:30am – 12:30pm
Jointly Organised by International Movement for a Just World (JUST) and IAIS Malaysia
Venue: IAIS Malaysia, Jalan Elmu, Off Jalan Universiti, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The document below is Chapter I of Michel Chossudovsky’s Book entitled; The Globalization of War; America’s Long War against Humanity, Global Research Publishers, Montreal 2015.

The book was launched in Kuala Lumpur in 2015 by Tun Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia.


The U.S. and its NATO allies have embarked on a military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity. This “war without borders” is intimately related to a worldwide process of economic restructuring, which has been conducive to the collapse of national economies and the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.The U.S. weapons producers are the recipients of U.S. Department of Defense multibillion dollar procurement contracts for advanced weapons systems. In turn, “The Battle for Oil” in the Middle East and Central Asia directly serves the interests of the Anglo-American oil giants. The U.S. and its allies are “Beating the Drums of War” at the height of a worldwide economic depression.

The military deployment of U.S.-NATO forces coupled with “non-conventional warfare” – including covert intelligence operations, economic sanctions and the thrust of “regime change”– is occurring simultaneously in several regions of the world.

Central to an understanding of war, is the media campaign which grants it legitimacy in the eyes of public opinion. War has been provided with a humanitarian mandate under NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). The victims of U.S. led wars are presented as the perpetrators of war. Civilians in Yugoslavia, Palestine, Ukraine, Libya, Syria and Iraq are responsible for their own deaths.

Meanwhile, the Commander in Chief of the largest military force on planet earth is presented as a global peace-maker. The granting of the Nobel “peace prize” in 2009 to President Barack Obama has become an integral part of the Pentagon’s propaganda machine. It provides a human face to the invaders, it demonizes those who oppose U.S. military intervention.

The Nobel Committee says that President Obama has given the world “hope for a better future”. The prize is awarded for Obama’s “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special impor- tance to Obama’s vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.”

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Ecuador Bows to US and IMF, Entering New Neoliberal Era

Elliot Gabriel

The warmth displayed by authorities over the past month to visiting U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and the IMF, respectively, further proves that Ecuador is melting back into the arms of international financial interests.

UITO, ECUADOR – Ecuador’s passionate re-embrace of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) offers one of the clearest and most dramatic signs that the country’s leadership is dead-set on shedding any vestiges of the “post-neoliberal” era it was said to have entered a decade ago during former President Rafael Correa’s Citizens’ Revolution.
The warmth displayed by authorities over the past month to visiting U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and a team from the IMF, respectively, further proves that Ecuador is melting back into the arms of international financial interests. Yet, despite authorities’ almost apologetic attitude toward foreign capital over the spats and breakups of the past, the people of Ecuador appear destined to suffer further abuse at the hands of the domestic and transnational capitalist interests that inflicted such grievous harm on it in the past.

Pence’s visit to the Andean nation last month to meet with President Lenin Moreno offered one such occasion for the groveling attitude the once-proud government of Ecuador has adopted toward the U.S. and IMF. It comes amid the rolling reversal of fortunes faced by the wave of left-nationalist social democratic governments that rose in response to the devastation wrought by U.S.-dictated neoliberalism.

On June 29, Economy and Finance Minister Richard Martinez told reporters at the Carondelet Presidential Palace in Quito, that the country requires U.S. backing to obtain new loans from international institutions amounting to nearly $4 billion.

“We communicated to the vice president the need for support to permit multilateral organizations to generate sources of financing with favorable conditions for Ecuador,” said Martinez.

Days prior, the Ecuadorian presidency received approval from the National Assembly to move forward with the Law on Productive Development, which critics blasted as a threat to the country’s social services and welfare programs. The law will require that the government approves only budgets that result in revenue — i.e., taxes– outweighing expenditures on such vital state functions as public education, health care, national defense and public security.

Liberal prof compares ideological opponents to flat-Earthers

Toni Airaksinen
Campus Reform
  • A Seattle University professor claimed in a recent interview that debating whether "unconscious bias" deters women from entering STEM fields is like "debating if the Earth is flat."
  • Responding to an article by Professor Stuart Reges, who argues that the evidence does not support that premise, Ruchika Tulshyan fretted that reading the article would itself make life harder for female STEM students.
Seattle University professor recently worried that women in STEM may feel bad after reading an article on innate sex differences, which she later claimed do not exist. 

The remark is the latest salvo from the academic community after University of Washington Professor Stuart Reges argued in Quillette that innate sex differences can help explain why women are less likely to study computer science.  

"Progressive ideology is so predominant on campus these days that faculty like Tulshyan are not used to being challenged."    


The professor, Ruchika Tulshyan, was responding to Reges’ claim that evidence supporting the “unconscious bias” hypothesis as the key explanation for the lack of women in STEM is “unraveling more day by day.”
Of the unconscious bias hypothesis, Reges said “I don’t think there’s strong scientific evidence [to support it anymore],” though he did note that the explanation is convenient because it “fits a nice political narrative that we live in an oppressive society.” 

Countering Reges, Tulshyan claimed that there is “a very, very strong body of evidence” affirming the role of unconscious bias in deterring women from entering STEM fields, though she would not cite any studies when reached by Campus Reform.

“I mean, it is extremely, extremely difficult, to argue against the evidence…I feel like we’re debating whether the earth is flat at this point,” Tulshyan told GeekWire during a recent podcast interview.

Further, she claimed that innate sex differences do not exist, saying that there are “fundamental differences between men and women in the way that they’ve been conditioned, not in the way that they’ve been hardwired.”  

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Trump Flogs Himself For Telling The Truth About Russian Witch Hunt After Establishment Freakout

Chris Menahan

"I've been a very, very naughty boy!"

"I'm so sorry I told the truth to the American people and the world about the deep state witch hunt working to sabotage my presidency and destroy US relations with Russia!"

"I believe the same intelligence community which spied on my presidential campaign and said Iraq had WMDs is the most trustworthy bunch of people in the world!"

"I believe the unelected bureaucrats that comprise our intelligence community which oversaw targeted assassinations and created a presidential 'kill list' for Obama are never in the wrong and questioning them is treason!"

"John Brennan, James Clapper, Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok and Sally Yates et al. have all shown themselves to be above politics and not political hacks for the establishment!"

"Did I mention I think JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald and believe in the magic bullet theory with all my heart?!"

Trump was made to publicly flog himself in a meeting Tuesday at the White House for questioning the wisdom of our shadow government. He didn't go quite as far as I said above, but that's obviously what the establishment wanted of him. (You have to wonder if Jeff Flake or some other loser didn't threaten to vote against his Supreme Court pick to get him to do this.)

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Documents Reveal Two US Soldiers Overheard Plot To Kill JFK—and Were Committed After Reporting It

Jay Syrmopoulos
Activist Post

Washington, D.C. – Despite receiving little attention in the mass media, the November 2017 and April 2018 release of more than 35,000 and 18,000 documents by the Trump Administration, relating to the assassination of former President Kennedy—which had been withheld from the public for more than 50 years—sheds new light on the president’s murder and the two soldiers who attempted to stop it.

While the mainstream media did cursorily cover the two releases, virtually none of the coverage was aimed at the most damning revelations, which included the fact that two U.S. soldiers in separate locations uncovered cryptographic messages indicating that President Kennedy was going to be assassinated, prior to his murder in Dallas.

Ominously, both of these soldiers were subsequently institutionalized after attempting to get the information they had uncovered to authorities.

The first case involves an army code breaker named Eugene V. Dinkin.

U.S. Army Private First Class Eugene Dinkin served in Metz, France, in the 599th Ordinance Group and worked in the cryptography section of his unit. His duties at Metz reportedly included deciphering cable traffic from the European Commands, NATO, etc.
A report by Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassination (CTAKA) explained:
On September, 1963, Dinkin noticed material in the Army newspaper, Stars and Stripes, and other print publications, that was negative toward the president and his policies and implied that he was a weak president in dealing with the Russians. The examples that he found became more negative, the suggestion being that if he were removed as president it would be a good thing. By mid-October Dinkin had found enough information—some of it subliminal—that he was convinced that a plot was in the works. One driven by some high-ranking members of the military, some right-wing economic groups, and with support by some national media outlets…
Dinkin’s studies forced him to conclude that the plot would happen around November 28, 1963, and that the assassination would be blamed on “a Communist or a Negro”. He then sent a registered letter to Attorney General Robert Kennedy. When he got no reply, he decided on other options.
Dinkin gathered his evidentiary material in late October 1963, which included psychological sets he had uncovered that he believed were being used to induce a specific state of mind into citizens’ consciousness regarding President Kennedy in the run-up to his assassination and he went to the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg in an effort to meet with Mr. Cunningham, the ChargĂ© d’Affaires.

Despite Dinkin informing Cunningham by phone that he had important information about a plot to assassinate Kennedy, Cunningham refused to meet with him or look at his evidentiary data.

Upon returning to Metz, his superiors informed him that he was scheduled to undergo a psychological evaluation on November 5, 1963.  Dinkin then decided he had to leave his unit and go to Geneva, Switzerland, in an attempt to get this information to someone that could potentially assist in thwarting the assassination attempt.

Despite unsuccessfully attempting to speak to the editor of the newspaper, Geneva Diplomat, and a Newsweek reporter, who refused to listen to the information, Dinkin was able to speak to the secretary for Time-Life who was located in Zurich.

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Talk of collusion with Trump ‘absurd’ - Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin called ‘absurd’ the talk of collusion between Moscow and US President Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign. Trump said there was 'nobody to collude with.' 
“There was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it,” Trump said at the press conference following a meeting with Putin in Helsinki on Monday. “I didn’t know the president. There was nobody to collude with.”

“We need to rely on facts, not on momentary political interests of political factions in our countries,” Putin said . “Tell me one fact that shows some kind of collusion during the campaign in the US. It’s completely absurd. We didn’t know each other, just as [President Trump] said.”

Putin also noted that it was perfectly normal for the Russian public to develope a preference during the US presidential election. Candidate Trump spoke about better relations with Russia, so that led to the Russian public perceiving him as more favorable than Hillary Clinton.

“How is that unusual?” the Russian president asked.

‘Generation Zapped’ – a must-see investigative documentary on wireless, health and our children

This week I spoke with filmmaker Sabine El Gemayel about her new documentary “Generation Zapped”, which investigates the science behind the effect of wireless technology on the human population — especially children, with the proliferation of Wi-Fi in the classrooms. Watch the interview by clicking above (the trailer is at the end of the interview).

This is an inspiring, provocative and excellent film. It will give you the first-hand science. It will explain the bias and cover-up. And it will show you what you can do to protect your family. Every parent, educator and legislator needs to see it, and take some simple steps accordingly to protect the lives with which we are entrusted.

With what’s at state — especially as 5G is now being deployed despite there being very strong evidence it is harmful — this is perhaps the most timely documentary I’ve ever seen.

Where to watch Generation Zapped


Here are some links to where you can buy, watch or share Generation Zapped:
DVD ordering: Stream it on: iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, Vudo, Steam, XBox and Google Play

Eva Bartlett on Syria: myths, media lies, and realities. Imperialism on Trial, Birmingham

Eva K Bartlett

Eva Bartlett speaks about the Imperialist war on Syria, looking at myths and media lies around the war on Syria. This was one of several speeches at Imperialism on Trial, in Birmingham, the third night of the tour. Panel included: -former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford -Professor Peter Kuznick, co-author (w Oliver Stone) of the Untold History of the United States -Michael Pike, member of Veterans for Peace, poet.

Sharehouse: Small supermarket selling food rescued from bins for 'pay-what-you-can' prices opening stores across UK

The Independent

Customers at supermarket-style stores pay whatever they want for fruit, veg, bread, tins, cakes and even Nando's chicken – all rescued from going to landfill


Don’t worry about trying to find us, says Adam Smith, founder of a new supermarket-style enterprise whose mission is nothing short of saving the planet: “You’ll see the queue outside.”

Sure enough, a dozen or so people are waiting at the doors of his Sharehouse shop in Sheffield, ahead of opening on the afternoon I turn up. They have come – and will continue to crowd in for the next two hours – for two main reasons.

The first is because the choice of groceries inside this unrefurbished warehouse is phenomenal: crates of fruit and veg, baskets of breads, a deli counter offering pies and pates and pickles, tinned goods and cakes. Lots of cakes. Very occasionally, you can get blast chilled chicken from Nando’s here – “although,” says Smith, “it flies out the door pretty quick”.

The second reason all these customers keep turning up is because of the price for everything in here: “Pay whatever you feel.”

People come in, fill their baskets and then hand over as much or as little money as they want. Some people do weekly shops for a fiver, and that’s fine.

What’s the catch? There is one, of course. Everything here has been salvaged from supermarket bins, restaurant leftovers and wholesale market waste. Edibles otherwise marked for landfill have been saved and piled high. Smith once got called by a food bank with a surplus of donated tins and nowhere to store them. He collected them in his van, stuck them in store and watched them get snapped up.

Local branches of Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and M&S all have his team take their unwanted goods. Today there is an abundance of potatoes here. “Too wonky even for the wonky range,” Smith explains with a shrug.

This, then, is the Real Junk Food Project, an enterprise created by the 32-year-old one-time executive chef with the aim of reducing the UK’s vast quantities of food waste, while helping people struggling – or simply seeking a bargain – in austerity Britain. And it’s proving more popular than he ever imagined. 

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US-Russia ties have ‘never been worse’ thanks to US ‘foolishness and stupidity’ – Trump


Hours before the long-awaited summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, the US leader took to Twitter to say that Moscow-Washington relations have never been worse thanks to years of foolishness and stupidity by the US. 
“Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt! (sic)” Trump wrote on Monday morning.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the prospect of improving ties between Moscow and Washington is in Russia’s hands. “A better relationship with the Russian government would benefit all, but the ball is in Russia’s court,” the top US official wrote on Twitter.

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov insists that the Russian leader is pragmatic enough to accept Donald Trump placing US national interests above all else but, to build a mutually beneficial relationship, he expects his counterpart to respect Russia. “This is what we hope to achieve at this summit. We hope this will be a baby step towards overcoming the current critical situation in our bilateral relations,” Peskov told RT. 

The eyes of the world are on the Finnish capital, where the leaders of the two world powers are due to meet later on Monday. A day earlier, Trump stressed that he was going into the meeting with “low expectations,” adding that “nothing bad is going to come out of it and maybe some good will come out of it.” He later tweeted that even if he were granted Moscow as retribution, his critics would say it’s not good enough.

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Greek Court Rules To Extradite Alexander Vinnik, Accused Of Laundering $4 Billion In Bitcoin

Zero Hedge

A Greek court has ruled to extradite the alleged former operator of crypto exchange BTC-eAlexander Vinnik, to France, local news outlet CNN Greece reported Friday, July 13.

The 39-year old Russian national Vinnik, also known colloquially as “Mr. Bitcoin,” was indicted by U.S. authorities on charges of fraud and money laundering last year, reportedly involving up to $4 billion in Bitcoin (BTC).

Vinnik’s Greek lawyer Ilias Spyrliadis confirmed to Russian news agency TASS that “the court has granted France’s request for Vinnik’s extradition.” Spyrliadis also revealed that he is planning to appeal against the court’s decision in the Greek Supreme Court.

According to CNN Greece, Vinnik himself challenged the decision of the Greek court on extradition to France, denying the allegations of French authorities, who issued a warrant, in which the alleged BTC-e owner was accused of “defraud[ing] over 100 people in six French cities between 2016 and 2018.”

Vinnik responded that he was "transferring e-money through a platform," considering it as "legitimate personal transactions.”

Another ‘Fake Chemical Attack’ Would Trigger Major Crisis in Syria, Former UK Envoy Says


There is a real risk that the West could use another alleged chemical attack to justify actions in Syria which could spark a dangerous crisis, former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford told RT.

Speaking on RT's political show CrossTalk with Peter Lavelle, Ford warned that Syria watchers were too focused on a potential crisis in the Golan Heights (Syrian territory occupied by Israel since 1967 and a source of numerous tensions between Damascus and Tel Aviv).

Yet, the real threat of escalation comes from the potential of another "Douma-like situation," the ex-envoy said, referring to April's alleged gas attack in a besieged rebel stronghold in Eastern Ghouta, which resulted in US-led airstrikes against the Syrian government's military and scientific facilities.

"We're in danger of looking at the wrong flashpoint. It's not the Golan. The real potential flashpoint is a return to a Douma-like situation," Ford said.

"Remember in April, we were close to World War 3. We were talking in those terms. And the same scenario could be reproduced at any moment, but most likely it will be reproduced when the moment comes for the siege of Idlib, which is some months down the track.

"But it's perfectly foreseeable that the same conditions will be produced, and I believe there will be another fake chemical attack, which will trigger a really dangerous crisis." 

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YouTube Debuts Plan to Promote and Fund 'Authoritative' News

Following a year in which YouTube has repeatedly promoted conspiracy-theory videos during breaking news events like the shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Las Vegas, the company announced on Monday a slew of new features it hopes will make news on the platform more reliable and less susceptible to manipulation. The company is also investing $25 million in grants to news organizations looking to expand their video operations, as part of a larger, $300 million program sponsored by YouTube's sister company, Google.

According to YouTube executives, the goal is to identify authoritative news sources, bring those videos to the top of users' feeds, and support quality journalism with tools and funding that will help news organizations more effectively reach their audiences. The challenge is deciding what constitutes authority when the public seems more divided than ever on which news sources to trust—or whether to trust the traditional news industry at all.

Among the many changes YouTube announced Monday are substantive tweaks to the tools it uses to recommend news-related videos. In the coming weeks, YouTube will start to display an information panel above videos about developing stories, which will include a link to an article that Google News deems to be most relevant and authoritative on the subject. The move is meant to help prevent hastily recorded hoax videos from rising to the top of YouTube’s recommendations. And yet, Google News hardly has a spotless record when it comes to promoting authoritative content. Following the 2016 election, the tool surfaced a Wordpress blog falsely claiming Donald Trump won the popular vote as one of the top results for the term “final election results.” 

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The War on Consciousness - Graham Hancock

After Skool

"What is death? Our materialist science reduces everything to matter, materialist science in the West says that we are just meat, we’re just our bodies. So when the brain is dead, that’s the end of consciousness, there is no life after death, there is no soul; we just rot and are gone. Actually, many honest scientists should admit that consciousness is the greatest mystery of science and that we don’t know exactly how it works. The brain is involved in it some way but we’re not sure how. It could be that the brain generates consciousness the way a generator makes electricity, if you hold to that paradigm, then of course you can’t believe in life after death, when the generator’s broken, consciousness is gone. But it’s equally possible that the relationship — and nothing in neuroscience rules it out – that the relationship is more like the relationship of the TV signal to the TV set, and in that case, when the TV set is broken, of course the TV signal continues. 

And this is the paradigm of all spiritual traditions, that we are immortal souls temporarily incarnated in these physical forms. If we want to understand consciousness, the last people we should ask are materialist scientists. Instead, we should look at ancient cultures, like the Egyptians, who highly valued dream states. Many ancient cultures around the world used hallucinogenic plants to understand consciousness and expand their minds. However in today's society, visionary plants are highly illegal because they promote a state of consciousness that does not agree with the agenda of profit.

Substances, like coffee, alcohol, sugar and pharmaceuticals, are forced upon the population, but possession of even small quantities of cannabis, Ayahuasca or psilocybin will land you in jail. If we do not recognize the right of adult sovereignty over consciousness, then we can NOT claim to be free. Look at what our moderns state of consciousness has done. We have destroyed the natural gifts of earth in pursuit of short-term, selfish gain. We must reconnect with spirit immediately or else we will encounter disaster. Visionary plants could be the remedy for our current sickness."

Saturday, 14 July 2018

NATO Theatrics and its Russian Pantomime Villain

Strategic Culture

The NATO summit this week began with US President Donald Trump berating the European members in particular for “free loading” on American military power.

There were even reports of Trump warning the other 28 members of the military bloc that he was ready to withdraw US forces from the nearly 70-year-old alliance if they did not stump up vastly more financial contributions.

It sounded like a mafia-style shakedown, as Canadian lawyer Christopher Black aptly put it.
By the end of the two-day summit, all appeared to be well again, with Trump suddenly hailing the military alliance as a vital defense organization after all, and America remaining as its lead member.

One can’t help feeling that the display of American hectoring was all a show of theatrics. As soon as the European members acquiesced to the US president’s demands for increasing military spending, the military club was all one big happy family again. Or so it seems.

Befitting the theatrics was the tedious ploy of once again using Russia as a pantomime villain.

Russia’s foreign ministry condemned the NATO characterization of Russia as a security threat as a pretext for still more escalation of offensive military power on its borders. Moscow poured scorn on NATO claims that it is a “defensive” organization, when it is in fact building ever-more offensive power on Russia’s Western flank. 

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Victory for Assange: Court of Human Rights orders safe passage of Wikileaks founder out of embassy

Adam Garrie
Eurasia Futures

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights based in Costa Rica is a multinational independent judicial body which handles court cases relating to the human rights of individuals in or effected by the laws of the members states of the Organization of American States (OAS). At present the OAS is comprised of every North American, Central American and South American nation, although Venezuela has expressed a desire to withdraw from the body.

Today, the Court ruled that it is the duty of nations to allow for the passage of successful asylum seekers from embassies to the mainland territory of the state that has granted an individual asylum. For Julian Assange, this would mean that according to the Court's decision, Britain has a legal obligation to allow Julian Assange to exit the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in peace and allow for his safe transit to an airport from which he would be able to fly to Ecuador, the country that has granted Assange asylum and where he now also holds formal citizenship.

Relevant portions of the press release from the Court can be read below:

"The Court interpreted the reach of the protection given under Article 22(7) of the American Convention on Human Rights and Article XXVII of the American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man, which recognize the right to seek and receive asylum in a foreign territory. In particular, the Court declared upon the relative issue of whether this human right protects both territorial asylum and diplomatic asylum.

Similarly, the Court determined the human rights obligations of Member States of the Organization of American States regarding the host country and, in this case, for third States, in virtue of the risk that persons seeking international protection could suffer, which was the reason for the principle of non-refoulement.

Starting with the inclusion of the term "in a foreign territory" within the instruments, (which clearly refers to the protection derived from territorial asylum as opposed to diplomatic asylum), and in an analysis of the preparatory work of the American Declaration regarding the choice of the States to omit the concept of diplomatic asylum as a protected classification under such human rights norms, the Court held that, given the protections enshrined by Article 22(7) of the American Convention and Article XXVII of the American Declaration, the right to seek and receive asylum can be contemplated as a human right to seek and receive international protection in a foreign territory, including refugee status under the relevant United Nations instruments or corresponding national laws as well as territorial asylum under the different Inter-American conventions on the topic.

Similarly, the Court concluded that the scope and breadth of diplomatic asylum should be governed by the appropriate interstate conventions and the provisions of internal legislation, considering that the States have the sovereign right to choose whether to grant such asylum.

In addition, the Court emphasized that the general obligations established by the American Convention are applicable to the conduct of diplomatic agents deployed to the territories of third States, whenever the nexus of personal jurisdiction can be established with the particular person. In this vein, the Court considered that the ambit of protection against refoulement (that is, the prohibition on sending a person back to the territory in which their life, integrity, security, and/or liberty may be at risk due to persecution or threat of persecution, generalized violence, or massive human rights violations, among others, as well as where they run the risk of being subjected to torture or other cruel, degrading, or inhuman treatment, or to a third State from which they could be sent to a territory where they could incur these risks) is not only limited to persons who may be found in the territory of the State, but also obliges States extraterritorially whenever authorities exercise their authority or effective control over such persons, as may happen in legations, that, by their own nature, may be in the territory of another State with that State's consent and authorization.

The Court added that host States under whose jurisdiction the person falls who had requested protection in diplomatic headquarters have the obligation to adopt positive measures regarding an individualized evaluation of risk, such as the opportunity of a personal interview or a preliminary evaluation of the risk of refoulement, as well as the obligation to adopt adequate means of protection, including those against arbitrary detention.
Thus, States must arbitrate all the necessary means to protect persons in the event of a real risk to their life, integrity, liberty, or security if they were sent back. Similarly, since the legal status of the person cannot stay in limbo or be prolonged indefinitely, States must adopt measures which expedite suitable safe passage, which is why the Court recalled that the duty of cooperation between States in the promotion and observance of human rights is an erga omnes norm".
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Neighbors Report Child Trafficking and Find Gov’t Contractors Holding Kids In ‘Black Site’ Prison

The Free Thought Project

Phoenix, AZ – When concerned neighbors called police because they believed dozens of children were being trafficked in their neighborhood, they learned that the children were actually being held in a black site prison operated by defense contractors.

A vacant office building with dark windows in a quiet neighborhood has become a subject of controversy after residents began documenting the dozens of children who were transported to the building in white vans, and then never seen again.

The building is not licensed to hold children or to act as a shelter, and it is owned by MVM Inc., a defense contractor that once provided guards for CIA facilities in Iraq and has made nearly $250 million transporting immigrant children since 2014, according to a report from Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting.

The company’s website specifically claims that the current services MVM provides consist of transporting undocumented families and unaccompanied children to Department of Health and Human Services designated facilities—we have not and currently do not operate shelters or any other type of housing for minors.”

However, Lianna Dunlap told Reveal that she became suspicious about what was going on at the office building in her neighborhood that is owned by MVM when she noticed new security cameras and extra locks on the exterior last month—and then saw several white vans transporting small children to the building.

There’s been times where I drive by and I just start crying because, you know, it’s right behind my house. I don’t know and I think that’s the worst part—not knowing what’s actually going on in there and just hoping that they’re OK,” Dunlap said.

Neighbors claimed that they saw pallets of water and boxes of food dropped off at the building, but they never saw the children who were escorted inside, and the darkened windows made them concerned that the children were victims of trafficking, and that they were being harmed inside.

Another neighbor, Kristen Brown, told Reveal that as a mother of a 2-year-old son, she was immediately concerned about the lack of space inside the building and the lack of access to sunlight.

“My kid has the ability to run around and play, and there are 40 kids in that place that I don’t know what you’re doing with,” Brown said. “That, as a mom, it doesn’t feel right.”

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Gaza air strikes: Israel launches heaviest barrage since 2014 war amid militant rocket attacks

Comment: Poor little Israel... so victimised....


The Independent

Israel has launched the largest wave of air strikes on Gaza since the 2014 war, as militants in the enclave fired volleys of rockets at towns adjacent to the border.

Two Palestinian teenagers were killed and at least three Israeli civilians were injured in the intense cross-border exchange that first erupted on Friday night.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli army spokesman, said the decision to bomb Gaza was taken after “terror along the security fence, arson terror and rockets”. The Israeli army said it had struck more than 40 targets in Gaza, the largest wave of daytime strikes since Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014. 

Fawzi Barhoum, a spokesman for Hamas, the militant group that has ruled Gaza since 2007, claimed that its fighters had “responded appropriately by targeting Israeli…military targets” after a “ruthless” attack. More than 90 rockets and mortars were fired from the enclave at southern Israeli towns. 

In Gaza, plumes of smoke rose above several cities as strikes tore through buildings including a high-rise in Al-Shati refugee camp in the north. Israel said the building was covering a militant tunnel and an underground warfare training facility. 

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