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Staged Provocations Ahead Possible US-Syrian War

Tony Cartalucci

With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region.

While the focus has been on ISIS in Iraq, there is still another war -linked directly to Iraq’s current conflict – being waged across the border in Syria. Syrian forces have continued making gains across the country, routing NATO-backed terrorist forces and restoring order in cities and towns that have been ravaged by war for years. ISIS strongholds in the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa, have until now long escaped the focus of Syrian forces occupied by more urgent campaigns around Hama, Homs, Damascus, Daraa, Idlib, and Aleppo. Now, the Syrian Army is shifting forces east.

While the West feigns an adversarial position regarding ISIS, it was the West itself that created it, specifically to confront the Iranian arc of influence stretching from Tehran, through Baghdad, Damascus and along the Mediterranean in Lebanon. The elimination of ISIS and other terrorist organizations fighting under or alongside its banner without first achieving regime change in Damascus would effectively mean defeat for the United States and its collaborators in the Middle East.

To intervene before the deathblow is delivered to NATO-backed terrorists in Syria and before the tide is turned against them in Iraq, the West may attempt to provoke, stage, or otherwise create a pretext to militarily intervene in Syria, and expand its operations in Iraq. 

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Blogger Tricks
Blogger Tricks

James Foley Beheading: What They're Not Telling You

Ebola quarantine chaos: Police fire on desperate crowds in sealed-off Liberian capital zone

Four people were injured in clashes when soldiers opened fire and used tear gas on demonstrators in the quarantine zone in the Liberian capital, Monrovia. It’s as the world tries to contain the fatal outbreak and to find a cure for the deadly disease - READ MORE

On Threshold of New World System

Alexander DONETSKY
Strategic Culture Foundation

Europe was really shocked by the sanctions Russia introduced in retaliation to the punitive actions imposed by the European Union, the United States and some other states. It’s not only the psychological effect defined by Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet as, «Today only the United States and the European Union have a right to punish bad boys, and Russia does not have such a right». The real cause is gloomy outlook for many EU members as a result of Moscow’s reaction. 

At first Western media enthusiastically reported that the Russia’s leadership is going to make its people die of hunger. But these assessments happened to be as far from the truth as the dubious professionalism of their authors from the real skills required for serious analytical work. 

First, there are few products which have no analogues produced in other countries. Their absence is a problem for a narrow circle of people with unique tastes and needs, not general public. It’s not a big thing if there is no original Parma ham in Buryatia, it won’t spark hunger riots there. If Veuve Clicquot champagne is not seen on the shelves in Slavyansk-na-Kubani, it will hardly change drastically the life of local people. 

Second, markets are never empty. Russia-produced poultry will substitute for "Bush legs" (a prevailing term in the post-Soviet states that denotes chicken leg quarters from the United States), license produced or similar cheese from Kazakhstan and Belarus will fill the shops and markets of Russian provincial areas instead of the «public» cheese produced in the Netherlands and Italy. Kazakhstan and Belarus compete to increase dairy sales. Many people who like apples will know that Almaty, not Warsaw, is translated as «father of apples». 

Third, those who have joined the new economic association built together with Moscow and its would-be members will be grateful to Washington and Brussels for imposing sanctions on Russia. The countries allied with Moscow will get more profits at the expense of European farmers.

A look behind the thick façade of civilization

Capt. Ray Jason
Club Orlov

This is a guest post by Capt. Ray Jason. To read more of his essays, please visit his blog. (And to read more of mine, please buy the book I just published.)] 

Most of the sky was clear and starry, but ten miles out to sea there was a cluster of clouds filled with lightning. I was anchored peacefully behind a low island that afforded me a perfect view of this dramatic spectacle. Sitting on the foredeck with my back against the mast, I sipped some hot sake and marveled at this exquisite display. Each burst of sky fire was contained within an individual cloud. Some would erupt in amber-colored brightness and others would shimmer in soft silver or lavender. The almost Japanese lantern quality of the clouds sparked a memory within me that I struggled to recall. A second cup of sake unlocked the remembrance vault, and the incident drifted back. It was a good one.

About a year earlier AVENTURA was nestled in a pristine cove with a few Indio houses scattered on the shore. One afternoon I heard the nearby children chattering enthusiastically about something. I took my binoculars topside and aimed them towards the commotion. The father was draping a fresh snakeskin over the low branch of a tree. My guess was that the kids were so excited because they would have fresh snake for dinner that evening. But my guess was delightfully wrong.

When nightfall arrived, the clearing around their little house filled with lightning bugs. That was a normal occurrence, but soon the little fireflies discovered the snakeskin, and slipped inside. Their pale neon green illumination created an eerie but magnificent tubular lantern. The children laughed with almost feral joy as they danced around this strange, blinking totem.


Watching this lightning now - and recalling those children then - was the catalyst for a slow, gentle, rice-wine contemplation of those qualities of human existence that are enduring and elemental as opposed to those that are temporary and superficial. I wondered how many generations ago that Indio family had discovered that lightning bugs were attracted to snake skins. And I pondered how many generations into the future that folk wisdom would endure. But the more profound question that I considered was whether these self-reliant indigenous people would remain long after the hyper-dependent gringos had vanished. If so, it seemed like poetic and ethical justice.

As the modern world careens from one catastrophe to another, a rarely-questioned phrase keeps appearing in print and in conversation. Here is an example of it in common usage: "If the gap between the haves and the have-nots keeps deepening, the thin veneer of civilization could easily be torn apart." Allow me to question the foundation of this aphorism that we accept so readily. The implication is that if certain societal conditions deteriorate, then huge numbers of people will revert to their natural, uncivilized state which is immoral savagery. I don't just beg to differ, I insist on differing. 

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It finally reaches mainstream: Researchers argue 'Black Death' was due to Ebola, not Bubonic plague

Carrie Weisman via
Design & Trend

A new book titled Biology of Plagues: Evidence from Historical Populations, argues that the "Black Death" may not have been caused by the bubonic plague, as history textbooks would suggest, but rather, an Ebola-like virus.

The authors, Christopher Duncan and Susan Scott of the University of Liverpool, claim that the bubonic plague could not have spread across Europe at the rate in which the Black Death did.

Duncan says, "If you look at the way it spreads, it was spreading at a rate of around 30 miles in two to three days. Bubonic plague moves at a pace of around 100 yards a year."

Duncan and Scott also analyzed the symptoms described in historical texts. Autopsy reports detail the internal organs of victims having had dissolved along with the appearance of black liquid. The liquidization of internal organs is a trademark of the Ebola virus and causes its victims tremendous pain.
The oozing lymph nodes that so notoriously accompanied the Black Death could also be symptomatic of an Ebola-like virus. In both cases, hemorrhagic fevers come on fast and causes blood vessels to burst underneath the skin. This is what brings out the welts, or "buboes" as they were called during the time of the Black Death.

The authors also noted that efforts to quarantine the Black Death were successful - something that would not had been possible had the disease been transmitted by rats, as history has suggested, since rats do not observe quarantines.

But not everyone is convinced. Ann Carmichael, a historian and expert on the Black Plague says, "It is problematic to assimilate evidence over four centuries and draw conclusive theories," she says, "We must look at it on a plague-by-plague basis."

Comment: The fact is, this information isn't new, and learning from history, including learning about possible protection measures, is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bank of America agrees to $17bn fine over mortgage fraud - report


America’s second largest lender has reached a $17 billion settlement with US federal authorities over selling bad mortgages, according to sources close to the negotiations.

The bank will pay out $10 billion in cash and $7 billion for consumer relief – such as modified home loans and refinanced mortgages, AP reports, citing officials close to the negotiations. The final verdict is due on Thursday.

The fine will be the largest single compensation settlement, beating out JPMorgan Chase & Co’s $13 billion penalty paid in November 2013. Citigroup, another major US bank, had to pay $7 billion in July.

In March, the bank was ordered to pay $9.5 billion to the Federal Housing Finance Agency to resolve similar associations. Since the financial crisis, the bank has been ordered to pay over $60 billion in fines, claims, and buying out mortgage bonds.

The deal requires the bank to admit it misled investors about the quality of mortgage loan sale prior to the housing crash, when banks lent out too much money to homeowners who eventually could not pay off their loans.

This eventually resulted in the collapse of the housing bubble and the beginning of the recession in late 2007. The banks defrauded investors about the condition of the loans, which led to billions in losses while millions of Americans lost their homes to foreclosure.

Three quarters of the loans in question came from Countrywide Financial, which Bank of America acquired in 2009, along with Merrill Lynch. In total, between 2004 and 2008, the groups sold more than $965 billion in bad loans.

ISIS: Region-wide Genocide Portended in 2007 Now Fully Realized

 "It should be remembered that Western designs in the Middle East are but one stage of a greater agenda. The reordering of the Middle East with immense standing armies of terrorists answering to Western dictates, will be used to move against Russia in the Caucasus region, and against China within and along the boundaries of Xinjiang province."

Tony Cartalucci
Land Destroyer Report

Dead American Journalist: The Latest Ploy to Cover-up Regional Genocide Years in the Making

American journalist James Wright Foley was allegedly brutally murdered on video by terrorists of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS). The development would at first appear to portray a terrorist organization openly declaring itself an enemy of the West, but in reality, it is the latest attempt by the West itself to cover up the true genesis of the current region-wide catastrophe of its own creation now unfolding in the Middle East.

As early as 2007, the stage was being set for the regional genocide now unfolding from Syria and Lebanon along the Mediterranean to northern Iraq. The “sudden” appearance of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, otherwise known as ISIS, betrays years of its rise and the central part it played in Western-backed violence seeking to overthrow the government of Syria starting in 2011 amid the cover of the so-called “Arab Spring.”

While the “Free Syrian Army” brand was created and used to obfuscate the hardcore, sectarian extremism that pervaded mercenary forces raised against Damascus, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had warned starting in 2011 that it was neither a pro-democratic uprising, nor a moderate, secular rebellion – but rather hordes of foreign-backed terrorists with ties to Al Qaeda.

The US State Department itself would admit that Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, Jabhat al-Nusra (an offshoot of ISIS), was among the most prominent armed militant groups fighting the Syrian government, beginning in 2011 onward. The US State Department’s official press statement titled, “Terrorist Designations of the al-Nusrah Front as an Alias for al-Qa’ida in Iraq,” stated explicitly that:
Since November 2011, al-Nusrah Front has claimed nearly 600 attacks – ranging from more than 40 suicide attacks to small arms and improvised explosive device operations – in major city centers including Damascus, Aleppo, Hamah, Dara, Homs, Idlib, and Dayr al-Zawr. During these attacks numerous innocent Syrians have been killed.
It was clear that the nationwide, extensive operations of al-Nusra were more than an apparition – instead they constituted the true nature of the armed conflict ravaging Syria – an armed enterprise that was clearly state-sponsored and the realization of long-laid plans by the West to reorder the region through chaos.

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Interview with Sergei Glaziev - Advisor to President Putin

Glaziev, who was born in the Ukraine and who is an economic himself, has a superb understanding of the behind-the-scenes power plays in the Ukraine and in Russia. This man really *knows* what is going on. Furthermore, he is one of the leading "Eurasian Sovereignists" and he is therefore absolutely hated by the pro-US circles in Russia. He is equally hated in the USA who put him on their recent sanctions list for no other reason then the fact that they don't like what he has to say.
- The Saker

Konstantin Semin’s interview with Russian Presidential Advisor Sergei Glazyev on July 24 2014.

Translation & Transcription: Marina / Subtitling in English: Augmented Ether / Bruce,Vaughan & Michael - English editing

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How the Defense Industry Convinced Congress to Militarize Local Cops

Mother Jones

The Ferguson, Missouri, police department's display of armored cars, officers in riot gear, and assault rifles over the past week shocked Americans who didn't realize how much military equipment is now available to local police departments. But since the 1990's, more than 8,000 federal, state, tribal, and local police agencies across the country have armed themselves with the military's excess gear, free of charge. The inventory includes everything from office furniture and first aid kits to aircraft, armored cars, rifles and bayonets, according to the Defense Logistics Agency, the Department of Defense office that manages the transactions under an initiative called Program 1033.

In June, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) introduced an amendment to de-fund aspects of the program. Grayson's bill would have exempted certain military equipment, including planes and armored cars, from Program 1033. That effort failed; just 62 members of the House of Representatives voted for the measure, with 355 voting no. Maybe the outcome shouldn't have been a surprise: According to a new analysis of campaign finance data, the politicians who voted against Grayson's bill received, on average, 73 percent more campaign donations from defense industry sources from 2011 through 2013 than their peers who voted for it. 

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James Foley 'beheaded': Foreign Secretary warns of Isis international terrorist attacks after killing of American journalist

Comment: Here we go again. One big manipulated blood bath for power and weapons corporations as the Middle East is re-shaped for Israel.  ISIS is a turbo-charged version of Al-Qaeda trained, funded and armed by by the Western and Zionist intelligence apparatus. The lies and propaganda are at saturation point. 

Ramping up the "Clash of Civilizations" nonsense....


The Independent 

The Foreign Secretary has said the man shown beheading James Foley in a video appears to be British as he warned that the Islamic State could launch terrorist attacks on the UK. 

Philip Hammond said the militant group, known as Isis, was not just a threat to Syria and Iraq, where it has killed countless civilians and caused thousands of people to flee in terror, but to our own national security.

“If Isis becomes established in Iraq and Syria it will undoubtedly use it as a base for launching attacks on the West,” he told Radio 4’s Today programme.

"It will undoubtedly send its fighters out to attack Western targets.

“Equally, if it gets pushed back, some of these people will return to their country of origin and it’s not just the UK.

“We will see these people going back and potentially carrying on their fight in our homelands.”

David Cameron is returning to Downing Street today to hold meetings over the murder and the escalating crisis in Iraq.

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Scientists Find Chemical Toxins in Utero Unmistakably Linked to Autism

Natural Society

Researchers at the University of Chicago have just revealed the smoking gun at the root of autism in a new study published in the journal PLOS Computational BiologyWithout a doubt, autism and intellectual disability (ID) are linked to toxin exposure while a baby is still being formed in the mother’s womb.

Andrey Rzhetsky, professor of genetic medicine and human genetics at the University of Chicago, says:
“Essentially what happens is during pregnancy… there are certain sensitive periods where the fetus is very vulnerable to a range of small molecules – from things like plasticisers, prescription drugs, environmental pesticides and other things. Some of these small molecules essentially alter normal development.
Autism appears to be strongly correlated with rate of congenital malformations of the genitals in males across the country, this gives an indicator of environmental load and the effect is surprisingly strong. The strongest predictors for autism were associated with the environment; congenital malformations on the reproductive system in males.” 

Order Out of Chaos: The Global Elites Plan for a “Middle Eastern Union”

Steve MacMillan
New Eastern Outlook

The Middle East has been engulfed in a state of chaos for decades now, with the region becoming increasingly unstable in recent years largely due to western sponsored proxy wars. The current map of the Middle East was created in 1916 through the surreptitious Sykes-Picot agreement, a deal which divided the Ottoman-ruled territories of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, into areas controlled by either Britain or France. Today the chaos we see in the Middle East is the creation of Anglo-American-Israeli power, which is attempting to redraw the map to meet their present strategic and imperial objectives.

Islamic State: A Creation of US Intelligence

The Islamic State (IS) has hit the headlines in recent months due to their latest terror campaign in Iraq, which has led to US airstrikes in the North of the country. What has been omitted from mainstream circles though is the intimate relationship between US intelligence agencies and IS, as they have trained, armed and funded the group for years. Back in 2012, World Net Daily received leaks by Jordanian officials who reported that the US military was training ISIL (as it was then known) in Jordan, before being deployed into Syria to fight against Bashar al-Assad. Francis Boyle, a Law professor at the University of Illinois, has described IS as a “covert US intelligence operation” whose objective is to “destroy Iraq as a state”.

The strategy in the Middle East is the creation of a perpetual condition of instability and a policy of “constructive chaos”, where nation states are to be destroyed so that the map of the Middle East can be redrawn. IS provided the pretext to intervene in Iraq once again, with the intervention ensuring the oil fields in Erbil are safely in the hands of multi-national corporations – as oppose to chaotic and dysfunctional mercenaries. As well as providing the justification for the US,Britain and France to “bolster” the Kurds in the North of the country, which furthers the agenda of destroying “Iraq as a state”. As the President of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Former Director of Policy Planning at the State Department, Richard Hass, wrote in an Op Ed for Project Syndicate last month:
“It is time to recognize the inevitability of Iraq’s break-up (the country is now more a vehicle for Iran’s influence than a bulwark against it) and bolster an independent Kurdistan within Iraq’s former borders.”

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Hemp-Based Batteries Could Change the Way We Store Energy Forever

Prevent Disease

As hemp makes a comeback in the U.S. after a decades-long ban on its cultivation, scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted as the model material for supercapacitors. They’re presenting their research, which a Canadian start-up company is working on scaling up, at the 248th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society.

Although hemp (cannabis sativa) and marijuana (cannabis sativa var. indica) come from a similar species of plant, they are very different and confusion has been caused by deliberate misinformation with far reaching effects on socioeconomics as well as on environmental matters.

Hemp is the most universally useful plant we have at our disposal. The history of mankind’s use of hemp can be traced way back in time to between about 5000 – 7000 BC.

Industrial hemp and hemp seed could transform the economy of the world States in a positive and beneficial way, and therefore should be exploited to its full potential, especially relating to energy storage.

David Mitlin, Ph.D., explains that supercapacitors are energy storage devices that have huge potential to transform the way future electronics are powered. Unlike today’s rechargeable batteries, which sip up energy over several hours, supercapacitors can charge and discharge within seconds. But they normally can’t store nearly as much energy as batteries, an important property known as energy density. One approach researchers are taking to boost supercapacitors’ energy density is to design better electrodes. Mitlin’s team has figured out how to make them from certain hemp fibers — and they can hold as much energy as the current top contender: graphene.

“Our device’s electrochemical performance is on par with or better than graphene-based devices,” Mitlin says. “The key advantage is that our electrodes are made from biowaste using a simple process, and therefore, are much cheaper than graphene.”

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Law Enforcement Nationwide Militarizes To Circumvent Posse Comitatus Act

500 American Communities Are Now Armed With Military Tanks and Military Vehicles, and Have Reportedly Lied on Their Applications to Get Them for Free

The Speaker

Military surplus equipment, including vehicles–most familiarly the  Mine-Resistant Ambush-Proof (MRAP) BearCat–are becoming common tools of community law enforcement in the US. These battlefield tools are now owned by over 500 communities nationwide. At a cost of around half a million dollars each vehicle–although the first one is often free–police departments seek grants by applying for various federal programs–applications council members have admittedly lied on.

BearCats are heavily-fortified MRAP vehicles usually used by specialized military tactical teams. The vehicles are build to withstand mines and bombs in combat zones. They are equipped to be mounted with weapons the US military specifically refrains from using on people–and sometimes come equipped with these weapons, such as the belt-fed, .50 caliber turreted machine gun atop Richland County, South Carolina’s “Peacemaker.”

Columbia Police Department SWAT Commander Captain E.M. Marsh, who received a new $658,000-valued MRAP for free before Veterans Day last year, said around 500 similar vehicles went to agencies around the country. Five hundred vehicles at that price adds up to $329 million of tax-funded Department of Defense (DOD) spending. In 2013, the US government is considering requests from 750 additional communities, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to Mark Wright, spokesman for the Defense Department, the Pentagon is planning to give away 11,000 MRAPS, each of which is priced at between $400,000 and $700,000 new, and there is “vigorous interest” from police departments, commented Wright.

Gaza: Whole Villages Have Been Wiped Off the Map

Dr. Mona El-Farra


I’m writing now from my home, but I still feel dizzy from shock and nauseated by the sights and smells on my visit to Khan Younis and Khuza’a. 

Yesterday I decided to use the opportunity of the ceasefire to visit my family in Khan Younis. I especially wanted to see my sister who had open heart surgery before Israel’s assault. I hadn’t seen her for 36 days. I’m lucky that I have enough fuel in my car to drive 24 kilometers (15 miles) so I struck out towards the south. 

I drove down Salaheddin Road and passed rubble from mosques, houses, and factories. Some buildings were destroyed completely and some partially. Later on in my drive, I saw dozens of big trees uprooted and smashed, fruit trees destroyed and farms and gardens decimated and ruined. The Israeli bombs were aimed to destroy the infrastructure, to destroy Gaza’s economy. Even the main cookie factory was targeted and destroyed. 

I passed UN trucks distributing food to people in long lines. This siege and assault by the Israelis has made everyone in the Gaza Strip live as a refugee, missing basic needs and struggling to survive. 

When I drove up to my family’s place in Khan Younis, it was a very emotional moment. We’ve lost many family members and, excuse me, my friends, I’m not going to talk about this meeting because every family in Gaza is going through the same thing.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jacob Cohen "Documenterview": the Sayanim, Dieudonné and the French dissident movement

Vineyard of the Saker

I have been contacted today by the producers of a most interesting and unique documentary entitled Jacob Cohen "Documenterview" who informed me that their video was now available on YouTube in a seven-part series you can see here:

When I asked them to make the video available in one file, they told me that they would do that, but that in the meantime I could use a special embed code which makes all the seven series available in one window. Since I do not want to wait, this is what I will do today, but I will let you know when the full documentary becomes available in one file.

Jacob Cohen is an extremely interesting person. This French Jew, born in Morocco, is the author of several very interesting books. This ex-Freemason and ex-Zionist, Cohen is the first person to write a full book dedicated to the topic of the voluntary Jewish collaborators of Israel known as "Sayan" (plural: "Sayanim"): Le Printemps des Sayanim which, needless to say, is not available in English. And since the English language Wikipedia does not offer any info about Cohen, the best I can do is to give you a link to a Google-translation of his French Wikipedia entry. Here is a link to his blog (in French):

This documentary also discusses the "Dieudonné" phenomenon and the general problem of the struggle of the French people against the Zionist-controlled nomenklatura. At a time when Berhard-Henri Levi travels to Kiev to declare his full support for the Nazi junta in power, it is very timely to get an insight into what is really happening in France as told by a extremely well-informed ex-insider.

The full series is long (4,5 hours) but I nevertheless highly recommend it to everybody.
The Saker

PS: for my previous articles about Dieudonné, Soral and the French anti-Zionist dissident movement please see here:

More journalists arrested in Ferguson last night. So much for freedom of the press

Pando Daily


Last night, the Intercept’s Ryan Devereaux and Lukas Hermsmeier, a reporter for the German newspaper Bild, were among those arrested (or detained, as authorities are calling it) during the escalating protests over Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, MO. Getty Images photographer Scott Olsen was also taken into custody. A few days earlier, the Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly and the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery were also arrested in Ferguson. No charges have been brought against any of the journalists, but the pretext for all four arrests appears to be a “failure to disperse” quickly enough.

Each reporter was subsequently released, but it’s deeply disturbing that, in the United States in 2014, journalists are facing intimidation and threats from authorities for, from all reports, merely doing their constitutionally-protected jobs. I understand that, particularly on nights like last night when live ammunition was reportedly fired leaving an unidentified man in critical condition, certain areas must be secured for the safety of citizens. But arresting and intimidating journalists, who have a right to report on the events unfolding on the ground, doesn’t make anybody safer.

Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol told the Washington Post, “We may take some of you into custody, but when we do take you into custody and we have found out that you are journalists we have taken the proper action.”

So then why were Devereaux and Hermsmeier not released until this morning even though, according to Intercept editor-in-chief John Cook, the pair had yelled, “Press! Press!” upon being apprehended by police?

Cook makes another valid point which is that, if Devereaux and Hermsmeier weren’t breaking any laws (and, again, they were released without charge), why were they arrested, regardless of whether the police knew they were journalists or not? 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Bitcoin Price Collapse


The price of Bitcoin is down 9.15% this morning and is trading at $477.88. There has been no news development behind the collapse, though it does appear there is at least one major seller in the market.  

In the last week there have been  sell orders of more than 1000 bitcoins at a time pushing the Bitcoin price downwards, according to CryptoCoinNews.  

As recently as August 10, Bitcoin traded at $590, that's a 20% drop over the last 8 days. The all time high for Bitcoin was around $1,220.00. The current price is decline of  60.8% from that peak.
Over time, I expect a further collapse in the e-currency. The number of people interested in Bitcoin has likely peaked. Peak buying has likely been exhausted. Technical upticks will occur from time to time that will suck in dumb money (It happens in any collapsing asset), but the major trend will be down. 

Bitcoin is not a libertarian currency and it is not a good investment. 

There was a fun trade in Bitcoin, but that was it. In the EPJ Daily Alert, I advised a buy at aprox. $40 and a sell at aprox. $700. Now, I woudn't go near the thing, even for a short-term trade.

Paedophile advised Home Office on reforms to children's care homes

Comment: When are people actually going to get it: a child rape network has operated with impunity within government and its agencies for decades - and still does.


The Independent

A paedophile who worked as a child protection and care worker expert advised the Home Office on children’s homes, it has been revealed.

Peter Righton, who died in 2007, advised the government on reforms to the care home system in 1970, for a report that detailed how new homes should be controlled by local government. 

Righton, who was one of the founding members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) lobby group, had also been a consultant for charity the National Children's Bureau as well as a Governor at the New Barns School, Gloucester. 

He had previously left a teaching job elsewhere following child abuse complaints, the BBC reports, and was also later convicted, in 1992, for possession of child abuse images, being fined £900.

According to an insider, Righton gave “considerable assistance” to the governmental report, which credited him as an academic who helped to carve out plans for the training of care home workers.

As part of his research, he would travel to numerous residential centres across the UK, the former care worker told the BBC.

“He [would] go and interview, in approved schools, individual boys and he certainly went to speak to the heads of homes,” the retired source said.

“He was a very dangerous man because he was put in a position where he could abuse trust.”
Righton had allegedly admitted taking “boys out” as well as having used “sexual” language with them, not the kind “that you would have in a healthy conversation with a child”. 

An independent inquiry has been set-up by Home Secretary Theresa May to investigate allegations of child abuse within the British establishment, including the police, courts, NHS and government.

The measure was announced in July following a campaign by some MPs and the independent panel will report on its interim findings before the general election in May.

Righton previously wrote academic essays justifying sexual relationships with children and also visited Bryn Estyn home in north Wales, which had been the location of extensive abuse in the Seventies and Eighties.

5 Leaked Confidential Documents That Show Israel Has Committed War Crimes
Wikileaks has released a number of classified documents over the past few years that have shown a clear connection between the United States and Israel is committing serious crimes against humanity towards Palestine.
Here is a rundown of leaked information that has confirmed that Israel with the complacency of the U.S has been making Gaza Hell on Earth.
1. Purposefully Holding the Gazan Economy Hostage
This cable from 2008 shows that the United States was updated on the intentional obstruction of prosperity in the Gazan Economy. Israel was intentionally keeping the Gazan economy just above a “humanitarian crisis.”
“Israeli officials have confirmed to embassy officials on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis.”
2. Blockades Resulting in Lack of Access to Medical Supplies and Electricity and Water
A cable released from 2009 showed that Israeli imposed blockades are creating an artificial crisis in Gaza. Due to the blockades created by Israeli crossing points, basic necessities are kept from entering into Gaza.
“Access to Gaza for goods through Israeli
crossing points remains severely constrained. While there
are adequate stocks of basic food items in Gaza, the lack of
variety and continuing price increases are negatively
impacting people’s health. A lack of medicine is crippling
the health sector. The water and electricity grids, while
restored to 2008 levels, suffer from a lack of supplies and
basic maintenance.”
3. The Deliberate Violent Targeting and Killing of Civilians.
Israel may arbitrarily consider civilian villages, military bases but the rest of the world does not. An Oct, 2008 cable that was leaked showing that one of the greatest enemies of Israel is IDF soldiers who speak publicly about the atrocities committed by the Israeli government.
“Eisenkot labeled any Israeli response to resumed
conflict the “Dahiya doctrine” in reference to the leveled
Dahiya quarter in Beirut during the Second Lebanon War in
2006. He said Israel will use disproportionate force upon
any village that fires upon Israel, ‘causing great damage and
destruction.’ Eisenkot made very clear: this is not a
recommendation, but an already approved plan — from the
Israeli perspective, these are “not civilian villages, they
are military bases.’”
4. The Beating, Looting, and Use Of Gazans as Human Shields.
A cable from, July, 2009 shows that IDF soldiers committed terrible acts against Palestinians. Thanks to the organization, Breaking the Silence, veteran IDF soldiers admitted to committed war crimes against the people of the Gaza Strip, during Operation Cast Lead
“IDF abuses such as looting, beatings, vandalism of property and the use of the local population as human shields. But by far the strongest reverberation [sic] in Israel was that created by the Israeli organization “Breaking the Silence”, which collected testimony from 26 unnamed IDF soldiers. All of the soldiers had been involved in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, and testified to instances where Gazans were used as human shields, incendiary phosphorous shells were fired over civilian population areas, and other examples of excessive firepower that caused unnecessary fatalities and destruction of property.”
5. Israel Facilitated the Creation of Hamas.
This is one of the most controversial documents released. While it may seem outlandish, two leaked documents one from, 1988 and one from, 1989  make it clear this is not some unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. What would would western headlines read like of Hamas did not exist today?
“comment: earlier in the uprising, some israeli occupation officials indicated that hamas served as a useful counter to the secular organizations loyal to the plo. a number of palestinians loyal to the plo alleged that the idf was using hamas for such a purpose. outlawing the organization inkcates [sic] that the idf no longer sees — if it ever did — utility in allowing hamas to operate. the israelis may have been particularly troubled over the difficulty of penetrating the organization. as hamas has directed more violence against alleged collaborators, it is likely that the occupation authorities decided action was needed to discourage its further growth.”
“many west bankers believe that israel actively supports hamas in an effort to divide palestinians and weaken the intifada. they point to the fact that hamas operatives act boldly in distributing their leaflets. shopkeepers in jerusalem and nablus report that, whereas unlu leaflets are distributed secretly for fear of israeli security forces, hamas operatives walk into shops and present their leaflets directly to the owners. mayor freij of bethlehem claims that members of some well known families who collaborate with israeli officials have been seen among hamas street gangs in bethlehem.
Furthermore, despite massive arrests–and the public identity of many mb leaders–relatively few hamas leaders have been detained. in recent weeks, fundamentalist leaders have given interviews to israeli publications that would have landed secularistleaders in detention. we believe that, while israeli forces may be turning a blind eye to hamas activities, there is insufficient evidence to conclude that israel is providing active support.”

A slip of the tongue by a former mossad agent about the london bombings

Slip of the tongue: Time starts at 2:05
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