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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Group Calls for Kissinger's Arrest in Oslo

The International Forecaster


But in fact, Henry Kissinger is notable among the unindicted war criminal jetset in having not one, not two, not three, but four separate legal systems with outstanding requests to answer for his participation in various atrocities. 


Heinz Alfred "Henry" Kissinger may not be the devil himself, but he sure acts like his emissary. Seemingly everywhere there is death, destruction, carnage, criminality and cover up, you can bet old man Kissinger won't be far behind. Bush needs a trusted ally to run the 9/11 cover up commission? Henry Kissinger is his first choice.

Blogger Tricks
Blogger Tricks

Friday, 9 December 2016

British Intelligence Calls Israel "True Threat" To Middle East

Comment: Well, well, who'd 'ave thought?


Middle East Eye

According to leaked documents released by Edward Snowden, British intelligence spied on Israeli diplomats and military officials in 2008 and 2009, the French newspaper Le Monde and Israel’s Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

One of the files from 2009 said that “Britain’s GCHQ intelligence-gathering apparatus defined Israel as ‘a true threat’ to the Middle East”.
“The Israelis constitute a true threat to regional security, notably because of the country’s position on the Iran issue,” the file said.
The UK spy agency gathered data on the “second-highest ranking official in the Israeli foreign ministry”, who went unidentified by Le Monde and Haaretz. The two outlets also said that the UK gathered surveillance on the Palestinian Authority.

GCHQ tapped the phone of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in December 2008, weeks before Israel launched an offensive the following month.

GCHQ also monitored emails between Israel’s ambassadors to Kenya and Nigeria and the private Israel defence company Ophir Optronics.

During those two years, the UK spied on the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s secretary general and several Palestinian diplomatic delegations, including former Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qurei and Israeli-Palestinian parliamentarian Dr Ahmad Tibi.

The documents were released by Edward Snowden, the 33-year-old who is wanted in the US to face trial on charges brought under the Espionage Act after he leaked thousands of classified documents in 2013 revealing the vast US surveillance of private data put in place after the 11 September 2001 attacks.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Rise of the Machines: Millions Of American Jobs Will Be Wiped Out In The Next Five Years

Marc Slavo

There is a paradigm shift coming and it is about to rewrite everything we know about economics, human labor, and government dependence.

Earlier this week Amazon launched its first Amazon Go store, which allows a customer to walk in, grab the items they want, and simply walk out. Everything is tracked utilizing RFID chips, so the second you step out of the store Amazon knows exactly what you’ve purchased and automatically charges your account:
Amazon Go is a system that marries physical stores with advanced algorithms and sensors to eliminate the need for a typical store checkout. Instead of packing all the things you need into a basket or cart and then dragged it through a tedious checkout process, you just grab whatever you need and walk out of the store.

It sounds like a shaky concept at first, but only until you see just how advanced the technology really is. When you first walk into the store, you use your smartphone to open you virtual shopping cart. As you make your way around the store, a vast system of sensor tracks where you are, what you pick up, and what you take with you. The system even knows if you pick something up and then put it back, and will only charge you for things you actually intended to buy.
Amazon’s latest move is simply the next evolution designed to make human labor obsolete.

As Mike Shedlock recently pointed out at Mish Talk, the transition to automated systems like Amazon Go, as well as technologies like self-driving cars and long-haul trucks, has been fast tracked.
We’re no longer talking decades, but rather, a few years before we start to see the direct effects on the labor market:

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Comment: For more in this subject and the wider implications of technology in psychopaths' hands read my series:

Technocracy I 


See more HERE.

Witch Hunt: “Fake News” Software Touted by CBS

Yves Smith

One of most pernicious means underway to crush independent news sites is the release of software tools that brand them as unreliable. This means that hidden developers and the parties that fed them information are beyond any accountability, yet would serve as censors.

Last week, the Financial Times described efforts to use software to designate certain sites as suspect:
Concern over the impact on voters of soaring amounts of fake news during the US election has sparked a hackathon where the technology industry and the media’s top thinkers are seeking to find new ways to prioritise the truth.
A community has gathered to share ideas around a 58-page Google document started by Eli Pariser, the author of a best-selling critique of social media, The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is hiding from you. A professor has circulated a spreadsheet of reliable and less reliable news sources for comment, while hackathons at Princeton and in the Bay Area have produced prototype products that Facebook could copy…
A team of students won a prize sponsored by Google at a Princeton hackathon last week by creating a quick and dirty prototype of a product that does just that: showing Facebook users a “trust rating” for stories they see, based on an online safety rating provided by “World of Trust”.
If you read the article in full, you’ll see it depicts Wikipedia as a gold standard. As Gary Null discussed yesterday in his Progressive Commentary Hour show (we were a guest; the archived interview should e up later today), it is in fact very difficult to get corrections of Wikipedia entries. Similarly, on certain topics, such as economics, Wikipedia minimizes or excludes non-mainstream views even when they have solid empirical underpinnings and have been given a hearing in academic journals and the press.

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Washington Post Apends "Russian Propaganda" Story, Admits It May Be Fake

Zero Hedge

In the latest example why the "mainstream media" is facing a historic crisis of confidence among its readership, facing unprecedented blowback following Craig Timberg November 24 Washington Post story "Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say", on Wednesday a lengthy editor's note appeared on top of the original article in which the editor not only distances the WaPo from the "experts" quoted in the original article whose "work" served as the basis for the entire article (and which became the most read WaPo story the day it was published) but also admits the Post could not "vouch for the validity of PropOrNot's finding regarding any individual media outlet", in effect admitting the entire story may have been, drumroll "fake news" and conceding the Bezos-owned publication may have engaged in defamation by smearing numerous websites - Zero Hedge included - with patently false and unsubstantiated allegations.

It was the closest the Washington Post would come to formally retracting the story, which has now been thoroughly discredited not only by outside commentators, but by its own editor.

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Duterte, fighting for his country and his life, enjoys outpouring of support from Filipinos

Andre Vltchek

There is a sense of change in those narrow and desperate alleys of the Baseco slum in the Philippines' capital Manila. For the first time in many years a beautiful, noble lady visited; against all odds she decided to stay. Her name is Hope.

Baseco is a tough, crime-ridden region built from cartons and metal sheets, even rusty containers; everything is thrown together in startling fashion, right near the shipyard.

Here, the lips of the people used to be sealed, expressions on their faces incessantly desperate. Now everyone speaks, some even smile shyly, adults and children, women who look sixty at the age of thirty, as well as tough looking men.

"I support Duterte!" declares Ms. Imelda Rodriguez, who works as a physiotherapist here, through the Department of Social Welfare and Development. "Now children get free education and 'medical missions' provide basic medical care. We also receive allowances, and the government provides jobs. We are still lacking electricity, but at least the municipality is providing free drinking water."

Nearby a teenage girl is washing her hair, using a bucket full of soapy water. It is raining and mud is everywhere. Children are running around barefoot, and some are obviously suffering from malnutrition.

"So much has to be done," concludes Ms. Imelda. "But so much had been done already."

People complain about an extremely high crime rate, about drug-pushing gangs. I visit the slums and vast cemeteries inhabited by the poorest of the poor; I also speak to people in shopping malls and at the office towers.

At the South Cemetery, Mr. Rex, a security guard, explains: "President Duterte is strict on the implementation of the rules. Crime is now going down dramatically."

Self-proclaimed socialist 'Presidente' Rodrigo Duterte is enjoying the staggering support of his people, estimated to be well over 70 percent of the population.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Pentagon’s Bizarre Future Plans: Megacities and Urban Warfare [Video]

Anon HQ


Megacities, climate change, living habitats, dysfunctional social functions and the “remaining 1% represents the threat of 100,000,” are the context of a pentagon sponsored video revealed by The Intercept. The narrator speaks of environments not yet experienced in city landscapes but that are inevitable, with the military requiring an adaptation of urban warfare and a willingness to “drain the swamp of non-combatants” to engage in a “high intensity conflict” with the remaining “adversaries” within. 

“Social structures are dysfunctional,” and therefore, alternate forms of governance have taken control, according to the narrator. The military must adapt to the new ways of war and must work within these “ecosystems” with minimal disruption to the non-combatant. 

The video, obtained by The Intercept via the FOI Act, is a bizarre documentary produced anonymously for a military audience, to highlight the challenges that will face the military. According to the narrator, this is an inevitable path that the military must set upon – going into a city to engage in  urban warfare.


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FBI Policy Of Manufacturing Terrorism Plots Reaffirmed By Appeals Court



The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling that provides further support for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and its policy of inducing individuals, typically Muslims, to plot acts of terrorism. The appeals court additionally backed the outcome of the notorious FBI sting operation against the Newburgh Four.
Mohamed Mohamud is a young Somali American man who was convicted of attempting to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, after he was targeted in an FBI sting operation. He is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence.

His defense appealed a district court decision that affirmed his conviction. They challenged the fact that Mohamud’s “defense of entrapment” was rejected. They also challenged a district court’s decision not to suppress information collected through surveillance under section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

At trial, as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals notes [PDF], Mohamud’s defense maintained a “teenager with no criminal record had neither the means nor the intent to commit domestic terrorism” until he became involved with an undercover FBI contractor, who went by the name of Bill Smith, and FBI agents, who went by the names of Youssef and Hussein. However, the government contended Mohamud’s actions before he was targeted by the FBI, such as articles he wrote for “Jihad Recollections,” indicated his “readiness to commit such a horrific act of violence” and proved he was “predisposed” to commit a crime.

James Cromitie, one of the Newburgh Four convicted of domestic terrorism offenses and sentenced to 25 years in prison, claimed the government persuaded him to engage in the plot and violated his due process. But the Second Circuit determined there were no violations of his rights, even if the government “invented all the details of the scheme” because Cromitie had expressed desire to “do something to America” and “die like a martyr.”

The Second Circuit additionally concluded government agents were permitted to target a person’s religious affiliation in order to “probe the attitudes” of an individual who may want to “do something to America.” They are allowed to “learn whether his religious views have impelled him toward the violent brand of radical Islam that poses a dire threat to the United States.”

In Cromitie’s case, his defense argued the government informant exploited a relationship to “manipulate Cromitie into agreeing to the planned attacks” on a synagogue and military targets at a National Guard base. But the Ninth Circuit believes the “illusory cultivation of emotional intimacy” is allowed. Even though the government informant offered Cromitie, a poor black man, $250,000 in cash, a barbershop valued at $70,000, a new BMW, as well as a two-week vacation, this was not deemed an entrapment scheme that violated his due process.

At sentencing, Judge Colleen McMahon declared, “The essence of what occurred here is that a government, understandably zealous to protect its citizens from terrorism, came upon a man both bigoted and suggestible, one who was incapable of committing an act of terrorism on his own…I suspect that real terrorists would not have bothered themselves with a person who was so utterly inept…Only the government could have made a terrorist out of Mr. Cromitie, whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in scope.”

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Monday, 5 December 2016

American Alternative Media Threatens Defamation Lawsuit Against Washington Post for Red Baiting

Washington's blog


Yves Smith – who runs the respected website Naked Capitalism – has retained a top gun lawyer to sue the Washington Post for defamation unless it retracts its smear piece calling alternative media sites “Russian propaganda.”

Smith has also launched … a satirical site complaining about the lack of first-rate propaganda by the powers-that-be.

We – American alternative media who are loyal to the U.S. and no other country – fully endorse both efforts.

Unlike the knuckleheads who are attempting to shut down alternative media by lumping us in with Russian state-sponsored media, and the twits who wrote and approved the Washington Post smear piece – who apparently embrace the values of tyrants  we fought the Revolutionary War to escape – we at Washington’s Blog actually believe in American values, such as freedom of the press and other liberties.

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Italy referendum: ‘People don’t trust establishment, want more radical changes’


Italian PM Renzi's defeat in Sunday's referendum, similar to Brexit and Trump’s surprise win, show that people are not happy with their government’s performance, don’t trust the elite and want more radical reforms, says Italian journalist, Marcello Foa. 
The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced his resignation on Sunday, following a substantial loss in the referendum on constitutional reform.

With a turnout of around 70 percent, the final results of the poll show the No camp with almost 60 per cent support, while Yes trailed with just 40.

The referendum was Renzi's initiative. He had proposed reforms hoping to make Italy's parliament more stable, and to simplify the decision-making process.

“I believe that this vote, this strong result …is a vote against the government basically,” says Italian journalist Anna Mazzone. “This was a very conservative vote,” she said, adding that the majority of Italians decided not to change the constitution “according to the line, according to the thought, according to the politics of Matteo Renzi.”

“That is why he resigned, because, as he said yesterday, all this has been his own responsibility,” she added.

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House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting “Russian Propaganda” Websites


On November 30, one week after the Washington Post launched its witch hunt against “Russian propaganda fake news“, with 390 votes for, the House quietly passed “H.R. 6393, Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017“, sponsored by California Republican Devin Nunes (whose third largest donor in 2016 is Google parent Alphabet, Inc), a bill which deals with a number of intelligence-related issues, including Russian propaganda, or what the government calls propaganda, and hints at a potential crackdown on “offenders.”

A quick skim of the bill reveals “Title V—Matters relating to foreign countries”,  whose Section 501 calls for the government to “counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence … carried out in  coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly.”

The section lists the following definitions of media manipulation:
  • Establishment or funding of a front group.
  • Covert broadcasting.
  • Media manipulation.
  • Disinformation and forgeries.
  • Funding agents of influence.
  • Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
  • Assassinations.
  • Terrorist acts.
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Despite Denial, Data Shows Global Temperatures Are Dropping Fast

Anthony Watts
Watts Up With That?

All global temperature data sets confirm that global temperature has fallen rapidly in recent months as the recent El Nino ended.

Guest essay by Dr David Whitehouse, The GWPF Science Editor

Over the last couple of years there have been many articles about how they have been record-breakers in global temperature. It’s often sold as a simple ‘the planet is getting warmer only because of us’ story. As I have discussed before the concurrent El Nino was dismissed by some climate scientists as having an insignificant contribution to that record. However, there is a great deal of confusion and diversity in the assessment of its contribution. Some scientists maintain that it was the recent very strong El Nino that elevated the temperature to record levels.

Nevertheless some maintain that warm records would have been broken without the El Nino (although the significant contribution made by the highly unusual warm “Pacific Blob” is usually ignored).

As the 2015/16 El Nino started to wane wiser heads said the records would fade along with it, “No El Nino, no record,” they said, showing that the El Nino was responsible for edging the years to be records.
It is obvious that the world is cooling after the El Nino and nobody knows how much it will as global temperatures bottom out. So the time is right, one would have thought, to monitor that cooling process and see what can be deduced to set the recent record warm years into their proper context.

In doing so it seems that you can write a straightforward article, clearly one that can be revisited in the coming months with new data, present some current data, discuss the caveats surrounding it, and still get criticised, especially about what the article did not say. Cut and past comments and quotes blossomed in many blogs, sloppy statistics are banded about, along with not a little hubris wrapped up in ignorance and gratuitous use of the ‘denier’ label.

David Rose’s article in the Mail on Sunday simply reported what has happened recently to the Lower Tropospheric temperature over land. This data set responds more quickly to temperature changes that other sets which follow suite later. Land temperatures heat up and cool down quicker. They show the El Nino spike very clearly and the possible return to pre El Nino temperatures.

Some have said the article is flawed because it has cherry-picked the particular data used, some have even said “extreme cherry-picking,” implying it is the only data set that shows the global temperature drop. This is nonsense.

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These Countries Have Nearly “Eliminated Cash From Circulation”

This article was written by Rory Hall and originally published at The Daily Coin.

Editor’s Comment: The cashless society is catching up to all of us. Most of Europe has shifted that way, and now India is forcing the issue. In the United States, people are being acclimated to it, and may soon find that no other option is practical in the highly-digitized online world.

Once that takes hold, the banksters, bureaucrats and hackers will have total information on all your transactions, purchasing behavior, profiles about consumers, political and social background history and even predictive behavior, allowing them to control the population with ease. If/when a major crisis hits, nothing will work if the grid goes down; nothing will take place that isn’t strictly authorized – apart from a barter and precious metals exchange system that will be marginalized to the pre-digital ghetto.

Cashless World: 1 out of 3 People Never Use Cash

by Rory Hall

We recently learned how serious these criminals are about stealing the sovereignty of every person on planet earth. Actually, most people are willingly handing over their sovereignty to the banks/government and have no idea what they are actually doing.

When India ban, made illegal, the 500 and 1000 rupee banknote this move effected every 1 out of 7 people on planet earth. That means that every 7th person, anywhere and everywhere, you come in contact with may have been effected by this cash ban.

Our individual sovereignty is tied directly to our ability to move freely about. When every step we make is tracked by the bank/government our sovereignty is gone forever. Freely trading commerce is one of the cornerstones of human sovereignty. Without the ability to conduct business with whom we wish, when we wish we are nothing more than cattle to the overlords of the land.

An expat living in Thailand sent me an email last week, at the height of India blowing apart because the idiotic decision by Prime Minister Modi to eliminate the two most used bank notes in India. The email was to inform me that Thailand would be implementing a new policy in the early part of 2017 to completely eliminate coins from circulation. South Korea has already taken measures to eliminate coins from circulation.

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Jim Sinclair-Financial Pressure Cooker Bomb Cooking Now

Greg Hunter

 Renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair says, “You have a pressure cooker bomb cooking like the terrorists use. It’s cooking, and it makes gold a storehouse of value and not a currency. It’s just a storehouse of value. It turns it into a savings account. The only one that will work. The only one without a counter-party. The only one that doesn’t need a market that can trade in physical (metal) and huge size physical. China and Russia are not buying gold as some sort of investment. They are buying it as a policy because they see clearly that is no tool left in anybody’s toolbox to fix what the geeks have done. They have killed us, and they have killed themselves. There is one fat shark out there that is now about to experience starvation.”

In closing, Sinclair says, “When it’s all said and done, there will be a catastrophic big bang, and then the only thing that will be left is your savings account. Your savings account is not silver, although it will outperform gold, your savings account is going to be gold. It’s going to happen because all currencies, even the roaring dollar, are falling in terms of being a storehouse of value. Capitalism is finished. I can’t tell you what the next system will be, but capitalism is over because the heart of capitalism is markets. Without markets, you cannot have a capitalistic system—it’s over.”

Join Greg Hunter for one of the most compelling and enlightening interviews of the year with renowned market and gold expert Jim Sinclair of

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Corporate Exploitation of Global Refugee Crisis Masked as Humanitarianism

Project Censored

According to a June 2015 United Nations report, sixty million people worldwide are now refugees due to conflict in their home nations. The UN report indicated that during 2014 one out of every 122 people was a refugee, internally displaced, or an asylum seeker; and over half of these refugees were children. (For previous Project Censored coverage of the global refugee crisis, see “Global Forced Displacement Tops Fifty Million,” Censored story #14 in Censored 2016: Media Freedom on the Line.)

While Syrian refugees account for the largest number (an estimated 11.5 million people), other places such as Colombia, parts of sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia have large refugee populations that remain largely unreported. According António Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees at the time of the report, “We are witnessing a paradigm change, an unchecked slide into an era in which the scale of global forced displacement as well as the response required is now clearly dwarfing anything seen before.”

Although the extent of the global refugee crisis has been covered in the corporate media (including, for example, the New York Times and the Washington Post), the exploitation of refugees has been less well covered. In February 2016, Sarah Lazare published an article on AlterNet that warned of the World Bank’s private enterprise solution to the Syrian displacement crisis. “Under the guise of humanitarian aid,” Lazare wrote, “the World Bank is enticing Western companies to launch ‘new investments’ in Jordan in order to profit from the labor of stranded Syrian refugees. In a country where migrant workers have faced forced servitude, torture and wage theft, there is reason to be concerned that this capital-intensive ‘solution’ to the mounting crisis of displacement will establish sweatshops that specifically target war refugees for hyper-exploitation.”

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US “Vaccine Court” Has Paid over Three Billion Dollars to Vaccine-Injured Families

Project Censored

Since 1988, the US government has paid $3.2 billion to 4,150 individuals and families for injuries and deaths attributed to shots for flu, diphtheria, whooping cough, and other conditions. Though vaccines “remain one of the greatest success stories in public health,” Tracy Seipel reported, “for some Americans, rare side effects of inoculations have led to hardship, serious injury, and even death.”

As Anders Kelto reported on NPR’s All Things Considered, high-profile lawsuits against drug companies in the 1980s successfully charged that children immunized with the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine experienced adverse reactions, including seizures and brain damage, leading to at least two court settlements worth millions of dollars. In response, drug companies threatened to stop producing vaccines for the US market because litigation risks were too great unless the government provided them with “no-fault” protection. NPR quoted Anna Kirkland, a professor of women’s studies and political science at the University of Michigan: “There was a real fear that some of our childhood vaccines would no longer be available.”

In 1986, that fear led Congress to establish the little-known Office of Special Masters of the US Court of Federal Claims (known informally as the vaccine court) and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. NPR reported that the court administers a “no-fault compensation program that serves as an alternative to the traditional U.S. tort system.” As Kirkland explained, the vaccine court served to “shield the vaccine makers from liability.” It also created a fund to compensate injured vaccine recipients, through a 75-cent surcharge on every vaccine dose.

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Spain: Thousands 'March for Dignity' through Madrid's city centre Against Austerity

Ruptly TV

Organizers from the so-called 22M movement estimated that more than 8,000 people joined the rally, the EFE news agency reported.

Italian Banks on the Brink

Daily Reckoning

[Ed. Note: Jim Rickards latest New York Times best seller, The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis (claim your free copy here) goes beyond the election and prepares you for the next crisis]

There’s an old saying: “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” The meaning is obvious — if you insist on something for others, you have to be prepared to hold yourself to the same standard.

A version of that is playing out in Europe today. And right now the strongest signal is not coming from Germany — it’s coming from Italy. Italian banks are in deep financial distress (as were banks in Cyprus and Greece from 2011 to 2015). This involves the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Sienna (BMP), the world’s oldest bank still in operation, founded in 1472.

Monte Paschi’s trouble began in 2007 when it agreed to buy another Italian-based bank, Banca Antonveneta SpA. It offered 9 billion euros in an all-cash deal just as the global financial crisis was unfolding. The deal proved a disaster for Monte Paschi. It damaged its ability to withstand losses following the 2008 crisis.

Then investment bankers stepped in and sold Monte Paschi derivatives contracts that ended up hiding the bank’s surging losses from regulators. These deals only weakened the bank’s shaky finances.

BMP’s derivatives blew up because they made losing bets on the value of Italy’s country’s government bonds. The bank has suffered 15 billion euros in losses since 2009 and seen its stock fall 99%.

BMP was the only major bank to fail the European Central Bank’s (ECB) recent stress tests. It was required to raise capital as a result. The efforts to raise capital have been led by JP Morgan and a syndicate including Goldman Sachs and some Chinese banks. JP Morgan won out over a rival plan by veteran Italian banker Corrado Passera.

The plan called for selling about 28 billion euros ($31 billion) in bad loans and raising 5 billion euros in new capital. But reports suggest that the capital raising effort has not gone according to plan.

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

While You Were Distracted By The US Election, The Senate Outlawed GMO Labeling Nationwide

True Activist


While attention was diverted to the US election for much of this year, the Senate quietly made null and void state laws that require that GMO foods be labeled.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a concern for a number of reasons. When consumed, GMOs have been shown to cause gastrointestinal problems, increase cancer risk, and even silence human genes, not to mention their harmful effects on the environment and endangered species such as bees. Within the US, there is also a dearth of safety testing as most tests that show that GMOs are “safe” are short-term studies, lasting only a matter of months. Longer-term studies, even those conducted for just a few months longer than industry-funded studies, have found that the consumption of GMOs causes serious problems, such as an increase in tumor risk. For those US consumers who are rightly concerned about the presence of GMOs in their food, mandatory GMO labeling is one solution that gives consumers the right to know what is in their food while not affecting the GMO food purchases of those who support biotechnology. A handful of US states have successfully passed GMO labeling laws such as Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont. Similar initiatives in other states, like California, only failed due to the massive amounts of money funneled to the opposition by Industrial Agriculture and Food companies as well as the corporations who create GMO seeds and associated agrochemicals, such as Monsanto.

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U.S. government has used propaganda against the American people for a very long time

Washington's Blog

The Government's Been Deploying Propaganda On U.S. Soil for Many Years

The United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities found in 1975 that the CIA submitted stories to the American press:

Wikipedia adds details:
After 1953, the network was overseen by Allen W. Dulles, director of the CIA. By this time, Operation Mockingbird had a major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies. The usual methodology was placing reports developed from intelligence provided by the CIA to witting or unwitting reporters. Those reports would then be repeated or cited by the preceding reporters which in turn would then be cited throughout the media wire services.

The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was funded by siphoning off funds intended for the Marshall Plan [i.e. the rebuilding of Europe by the U.S. after WWII]. Some of this money was used to bribe journalists and publishers.
In 2008, the New York Times wrote:
During the early years of the cold war, [prominent writers and artists, from Arthur Schlesinger Jr. to Jackson Pollock] were supported, sometimes lavishly, always secretly, by the C.I.A. as part of its propaganda war against the Soviet Union. It was perhaps the most successful use of "soft power" in American history.

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Modern Operation Mockingbird: "Everyone Who Disagrees with Me Is a Russian Propagandist"

Harrison Koehli recently had the honor of being smeared as a vehicle for Russian propaganda. The dubious, anonymous "PropOrNot" site listed us as one among 200 or so such websites - witting or unwitting dupes of the Kremlin's propagandists. Thankfully, we're in mostly good company. It's hard to know whether to take them seriously or not. The site gives the impression of perhaps being a too-clever hoax, which would be hilarious given that the Washington Post among others actually takes them seriously. I mean, come on, the first thing you see on their website is a fake interview, conducted by a comedian, with two actors pretending to be Russian propagandists!)

But leaving that aside, it's still rich. Pretty much every alternative news website you can think of is included on the list. PropOrNot's logic seems to run something like this:

  1. Western governments and media say A. (A is true.)
  2. Russian government and media says not-A. (Not-A is not true.)
  3. Alternative media also says not-A.
  4. Therefore, alternative media are either witting or unwitting peddlers of Russian lies.
First, this assumes that the western media and government are telling the truth. Second, it assumes that the Russian government always lies. So the alternative media is put in awkward and contrived position: anytime the Russian government tells the truth, and the alternative media makes the same claims, the latter can simply be written off as Russian propaganda. Which is total nonsense. The fact that the people behind PropOrNot, if they're sincere in their claims, think this is the case says a lot about what they think of their readers: they think they're idiots.

As Wayne Madsen (whose articles are carried by and, both on PropOrNot's list) put it recently:
The Post's article [regurgitating PropOrNot's claims] is worthy of the CIA-generated propaganda spun by the paper at the height of the Cold War-era MOCKINGBIRD.
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Researchers Incorporate Silicon into a Living Organism: is this the Building of a Bridge between Man and Machine?

Unknown Country


Silicon is the second most common element in the Earth's crust, after oxygen. However, aside from its non-organic use by certain sea sponges and microorganisms, very little silicon is used by Earth's biology, despite making heavy use of other common elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, iron, magnesium and oxygen. This has presented a long-standing puzzle for scientists: why would nature ignore such an otherwise useful substance? While artificial methods of binding carbon and silicon have been available for some time, researchers with the California Institute of Technology were curious to see if they could get an organism to produce the same result, as a product of its metabolism. They selected the gene for producing an enzyme that could accomplish this from a bacterium, Rhodothermus marinus, that lives in Iceland's hot springs, and introduced the involved DNA into a strain of ordinary E. coli bacteria. When fed a particular type of silicon-containing precursors, the enzyme produced by the modified bacteria began catalyzing the silicon-carbon bonding process. After tweaking the bacteria with specialized mutations, the team was able to produce microbes that showed an increased efficiency in producing the silicon-organic compounds, to the point where they could out-produce artificial production methods. 

“It’s remarkable that nature is poised to do all sorts of wild things in the presence of this new manmade food,” exclaims study lead and CalTech chemical engineer Frances Arnold. Arnold hopes that this development will help researchers understand if there was a reason as to why Earth biology evolved to exclude silicon, or if it was just a matter of luck. “We can start to explore what are the costs and benefits of incorporating silicon into life.”

While nature mightn't have had as much of a use for it, humans have incorporated silicon into modern technology, capitalizing on the element's properties, from the piezoelectric properties exhibited by quartz crystals, to the growth of silica wafers for microchips. And this is where the divide between man and machine could possibly be bridged: this new biological Si-O bonding process could one day lead to the melding of silicon electronics to carbon-based human tissue. This could potentially allow us to directly benefit from advantages that are currently only found in machines: the instant download of knowledge directly into our brains, medical diagnostic nanomachines -- a new world of possibilities.

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