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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Waiting for Clarity On the Brink of Oblivion

This is something Kevin Flaherty wrote over at back in 2006 and closely follows my own views and that of many other commentators at the time. What he writes about is no less relevant with the Ron Paul hysteria:


The tone of the emails I've been receiving has changed dramatically over the past several days.

People are now terrified about the events unfolding inside the U.S.

Panic is setting in, and for some silly reason, people think this upcoming election holds the key to the future.

Guys, wake the F up. This Republican/Democrat thing is beyond embarrassing.

Please understand: THERE ARE NO POLITICAL SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS THE U.S. IS FACING. The outcome of this election is meaningless, one way or the other. The more you keep grasping for glimmers of hope within the political system, the worse off you will be.

The appearance of choice, as a mechanism of control, has served the elite well for several decades in the U.S. Appearances broke down after the 2000 Presidential election. And the 2004 Presidential election... Excuse me while I spit out the window just thinking about the candidates. Never mind the endemic vote fraud.

Will a big Democratic win calm people down? Maybe that's what They'll allow. It might ease the panic, so the ship of fools can sail on for another few months. If They were smart, that's what They'd do. Hell, maybe it'll be Hillary in 2008, with the ability to designate any American as an enemy combatant... Sure. Tell me another one.

But then again, maybe not. Maybe it's time to rub your noses in the Freedom.

I hate to be making so many Magic 8 Ball references lately, but that's what the U.S. political system has become. Believe in that thing and it will give you the answers you're looking for. You're totally doomed and clueless, but your belief in the Magic 8 Ball is somehow comforting. By all means, vote.

Jeff Wells recently wrote:
American politics isn't just theatre; it's dinner theatre, on par with a Medieval Times franchise. It can put on a decent show: the way the white and black knights joust you'd think they meant it, and that the guy who falls off his horse really gets hurt and the champion wins something of meaning. Voters are "treated like royalty" - every man a king! - but their crowns are made of tissue paper. And while the menu is all you can eat, all you can order is bullshit.
So, let's dispence with the bullshit about U.S. elections.

What varies, with the passage of time, is the number of people who get it. As more people get it, the more dangerous the situation becomes. The Machine will destroy itself rather than lose control. As the appearance of choice fails to serve as an effective mechanism of control, more overt mechanisms of control, which have been under construction for years, will be used.

Nothing that is happening now should come as a surprise to any of you. The entire program has been spelled out on Cryptogon and other sites---never mind the thousands of books---for years. The collapse of the U.S. into overt fascism is following a fairly predictable series of events. While the exact timetable is more difficult to nail down, when the state begins to require citizens to obtain "CLEARANCE" in order to leave, you've pretty much arrived at the end of the line. And then what? What excuses will be made? When soldiers are breaking down your door, will you point your TV remote control at them and try to change the channel? Tell them you voted? Tell them you paid your taxes? Ask them to please stay away from your daughter, because she's not a terrorist?

This has all happened before (it's happening now, actually, in many parts of the world, especially where U.S. influence is pervasive). What's different is that the technologies of political control have vastly increased the strength of the iron fist. The options are: get out of the way of that thing, to the best of your ability, or be crushed by the grip of it around your neck. Some might try to attack it directly, but that option should be seen as a creative form of suicide. (Oh yeah, you can attempt to join the ranks of the regime.)

This is the warning I've been repeating for years: You do not want to try to reach the exit as millions of other people attempt to do the same thing. Waiting for clarity is not often rewarded.

Many Cryptogon readers think that they're going to hedge their bets, and stay put for as long as possible, before making a strategic move. I like all of you. I love some of you, as you are my family members and closest friends, but please hear me: To know what's coming and to think that you will be able to time your exit properly is the height of folly.

It is not easy to pull off a strategic move under "normal" circumstances. Having made a strategic move, I'm in a position to speak on this matter with authority.

It's not easy.

The path is lined with red tape and bullshit under the best of circumstances. And the window of opportunity is closing with each passing day. To think that you will be able to do it after an event, when borders are closed, or mostly closed, when internal passports may be required to travel across state lines, when the fascists must approve your exit plans, when your cash is not convertible into foreign currencies or maybe even worthless...

Friends and family, you're in a clinical state of denial.

Let's fast forward a week, a month or a year from today; nobody knows exactly when it will happen... When you could have made it to a better place, with relative ease, you sat by and waited, wished and hoped it wouldn't come to this. And now, the freeways are jammed, the airports are closed and soldiers are checking your "papers." Some number of people are being loaded onto trucks, but you can't really see past the spotlights shining at you from the checkpoint up ahead...

"Oh, God, why did I wait for it to come to this?" some of you will think as you look at your spouse and children, who will be looking back at you, wondering the same thing.

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