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Monday, 16 December 2013

Facebook develops algorithm that will learn EVERYTHING about you from photos and gives details to advertisers

Daily Mail

Facebook wants to become your new best friend by knowing everything about you – and it’s going to happen whether you like it not. 

From the bottles of beer you drink, to the places you visit on vacation, the social networking site will compile everything there is to know about you (and the billion other people online) – and then make sense of it with the hope of selling better, targeted advertising in your news feed.

The social networking giant has teamed up with New York University to set up a research lab designed to learn about artificial intelligence.  

The California-based social network giant is hiring professor Yann LeCun of NYU’s Center for Data Science to head up a new artificial intelligence lab, aiming to use cutting-edge science to make Facebook more interesting and relevant.

It would enable Facebook to learn more about individuals and ultimately  achieve better results for targeted ads and news feed improvements 

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