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Sunday, 22 December 2013

South Korea, China dust off contingency plans for North Korea’s sudden collapse

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South Korea is ready to execute a long-planned contingency measure, including options to send troops to exercise military control of the North, when and if a “sudden change” occurs there.

South and North Korean soliders at the DMZ.
South and North Korean soliders at the DMZ.

With the summary execution of North Korea’s number 2 man Jang Song-Thaek, authorities in South Korea are further concerned about the potentially catastrophic aftermath of a sudden regime collapse in Pyongyang.

Urgent issues include: proliferation and loss of control of its nuclear and chemical arsenals, coup d’etat, mass famine, random executions of Koreans and violent revolution.

Known as OPLAN 5029, the contingency measure has been jointly worked out by the U.S. and South Korea and been in existence for over a decade. But until now, the U.S. has had the command authority over all joint U.S.-ROK military actions in a wartime scenario.

Several think tanks such as the U.S.-based Institute of Peace, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace have reported that China also has a contingency plan for N. Korea’s sudden collapse.

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