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Thursday, 26 December 2013

The BBC's Contradicting Reports On Abbas Khan

Comment: Let's just keep in mind that US-NATO and Israeli are desperate to topple President President Bashar al-Assad after the failed regime change debacle. This may well be an opportunistic PR attempt to blame the Syrian government for a genuine suicide.


Moon of Alabama

A year ago a British doctor, Abbas Khan, went to Syria to help on the side of the insurgents. He was caught by the Syrian government and sent to jail. He was to be released during the next days but then committed suicide.

The BBC, "reporting" on the issue, writes:
Syrian authorities have said their post-mortem examination showed he killed himself while in detention. But his family has said this is not credible as he was due to be released.
Mr Khan's brother said that it was "pure fiction" that Mr Khan had committed suicide as he had written to relatives saying he was looking forward to coming home for Christmas.

On Tuesday, the Foreign Office said that the doctor had been "in effect murdered" by the Syrian authorities and at best his death was "extremely suspicious".
Nowhere in that current piece does the BBC mention that the doctors family earlier feared, as the BBC itself reported just five days ago, that the doctor was likely to commit suicide:
The family of a British doctor, imprisoned by the Syrian government for over a year, is growing increasingly concerned for his mental health.
His brother, Afroze, said Dr Khan was depressed. "There is a real possibility he may want to harm himself."
In his most recent letter Dr Khan wrote: "Being kept in appalling and inhuman conditions has seen my mental health markedly deteriorate, I suffer from almost constant depression and suicidal ideation."
The family feared, and the doctor himself practicality announced, his possible suicide. Five dates later the man is dead and has, according to the Syrian government, killed himself.
But now the earlier feared and reported possible suicide is suddenly called "not credible" and "pure fiction" and the BBC does not even mention the contradiction to its earlier report but goes solely with the family's (and British government) new propaganda line.

Is that official amnesia the BBC is practicing here or Big Brother like historical revisionism?

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