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Sunday, 22 December 2013

TSA releases cartoon animation to introduce kids to warrantless checkpoints

Comment: More social engineering for kids and Police State acclimatization for parents...

Gee, thanks Mr. friendly TSA guy! (Mom why does he have his hand down my trousers?)

If you believe this kind of pathetic cartoon reality these guys seem to inhabit then there's a Master List of TSA Crimes and Abuses  created by TSA News that should offer the needed cold shower of objectivity.


SFX: Airplane
SON: Hey Dad, why do we have to stop here? I just wanna get on the plane...
DAD: Well, we have to stop-screen-go (Stop = Beep. Screen = Boooooooop. Go = Ding!) before we get on the plane. This is a security checkpoint and those people work for TSA.
SON: looks kinda scary. I don't think Molly will like it..
DAD: Nah, it's not scary. TSA officers are here to keep us secure. So don't worry, just remember stop-screen-go.
SON: Stop-screen-go? What does that mean?
DAD: Just watch... first, we stop here and hand our travel documents to the officer. She screens it...
TSA Officer: Thank you.
DAD: ...and then we go.
SON: Wow, that was easy. What's next?
DAD: We stop!
MOLLY: (laughing)
DAD: Then we put our stuff in the bins and the machine screens it. Then we go.
SON: Do I need to take off my shoes, too?
DAD: Nope. Kids under 12 don't have to. But
your game system and Molly's bear need to take a ride.
MOLLY: Bye-bye, bear! Bye-bye!
SON: Do we get our toys back?
DAD: Yep. You just need to walk through that rectangle first. It's a metal detector.
SON: Do we have to stop-screen-go here, too?
DAD: Yep, you got it!
SON: Stop.
SON: Screeeeeeennnnnnn and...
SON: ...GO! (makes jet sound)
SON: But wait...(makes brake sound). Mom, what's he doing with Molly's bottle?
MOM: Oh, it's stop-screen-go for baby bottles, too. But don't worry, she'll get her milk back....
TSA Officer: Here you go...
SON: Are we all done?
DAD: Yep!
SON: That wasn't scary. It's just stop-screen-go!
DAD: Yeah... that's what it takes to get ready for takeoff.
MOM: Thank you TSA!
TSA Officer: You're welcome. Have a great trip!
MOLLY: Bye-bye!
SFX: Airplane flying


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