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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Israelis pay tribute to a "brave soldier and daring leader", while Hamas says Mr Sharon's hands "were smeared with blood".

Comment: Anyone capable of a careful analysis of history will see Ariel Sharon in the thick of massacres and general psychopathic lunacy for Zionism. "Smeared with blood" is a very fair appraisal indeed.


The Guardian

Death of Sharon, aged 85, comes as less of a shock to Israel than stroke that felled him at height of his premiership in 2006 

Link to video: Ariel Sharon dies aged 85
Ariel Sharon, the controversial self-styled "warrior" who dominated Israel's military and political landscape for decades, has died eight years after a massive stroke left him in a vegetative state.

The former army general and prime minister suffered multiple organ failure over the new year. His sons were at his bedside at the Sheba Medical Centre, a long-term care facility near Tel Aviv, where Sharon has lain since May 2006.

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