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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Miley Cyrus: Follows in the Footsteps of Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna etc. The Pop-Whore archetype

I mean, seriously?  

I'm not some conservative puritan that wants this young woman to go back to her all American, girl-next-door days of Hanna Montana, when she looked like this:

But what kind of marketing leads this girl to feel she has to become this:

Miley Cyrus kicking off her Bangerz tour. (USA Today)

Music industry marketing, obviously. 

Does she actually realise how unoriginal and lazy this new tongue-toting sex nymph role is?

Beyonce, Katy Perry, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rhianna etc - they're all doing pretty much the same spin, consciously or unconsciously and it rakes in the dollars as long as they continue to pimp their booties.

Even for the sex kitten programming so prevalent in the occult-obsessed music industry, Cyrus' transformation into the latest Pop-Whore-Materialist-Pimp is even more dramatic than Britney Spears. 

Far be it for me to stand for censorship or to be against freedom of expression. If that's the image that little Miss Miley and her rapidly accruing dollars wants to go for then good luck to her, though we've seen where it ends up countless times...

But it's not just about her choice of management. This music programming goes much deeper than that and even the most unaware are beginning to wake up to the fact that there is much more to the music industry symbolism than meets the eye.

Please don't think that this is remotely contributing to the emancipation of women and all the other narcissistic nonsense that attempts to pass for feminist discourse these days. The above isn't a healthy role model for kids nor is it really about popular music. It's about social engineering, perception management, dumbing down, mind control - call it what you will from whichever angle you wish to approach it.

This is a form of mass mediocrity and cultural abuse where young hormonal girls are directed to the "libido of the ugly" mistaking it for significance; that it is not only fashionable and feminist but actually how a girl's meant to be; ramming home the tough bimbo role model with a tongue flapping and an ass in the air like it's just what gals should do...Because hey! That means a free spirit - that means liberation! 

Porn for kids is the program!  So get with it gals and guys!

Well, sex sells, we all know that. So, young men will continue to view girls and women as bodycentric sluts that need a good pounding, just as mass music tells them over and over with a sickly sweet production treatments which all sound the same. The Music market will respond by pumping new versions of formulaic themes of simulated masturbation, doggy-style sex and facilitation of mind programming iconography and occult imagery to a whooping audience of tweens and teens. And it will continue to deliver the dosh, because that's what passes for "art" these days, where the younger generation offer up their endocrine glands to me milked for voyeristic sensation and induced sexuality devoid of meaning.

Do I sound like my dad? Well, maybe he had a point after all. But I don't think he knew that besides rapacious greed and poor music there were also occult clubs and mind control embedded in the entertainment industries. (I'm afraid so).

Oh, but young women like Cyrus are in control ....

If only they knew how truly out of control they are and how they are merely celebrating the vacuous products they have willingly become. 

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