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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mountain Man Back In Jail, Supporters Want to Arrest Judge

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Natural living mountain man, Ernie Tertelgte of Manhattan, Montana has become an Internet favorite for his tenacious defense of sovereignty and strict adherence to original court system procedures, even acting as his own defense.

Last year, we showcased his breathtaking speech to a judge that made her walk out of the room. In November he was at it again, not so much as physically standing up to be detained by bailiffs because even that would be acknowledging kangaroo court mandates. When we left off he was awaiting a sentencing and received a $1500 fine. All of this, you may recall, surrounded Ernie attempting to catch a fish and eat without having a fishing licence and a charge of resisting arrest.

The escalation continues as the court system will not concede. Tertelgte was rushed through another trial on January 27 without his many supporters allowed presence. When they were finally allowed in he was being hauled away again for contempt of court - for not removing his well-recognized three-corner hat.

This time his friends want more justice.

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