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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Psychopaths in Power and the Imminent Collapse of Global Society


I can’t really comment in any informed way on societies in the East, except to point to the Chinese slave workers who produce mountains of plastic crap for Western nations to use and then dump in the ground and oceans; the Middle East’s role as a bombing target, ‘terrorist’ recruiting ground and civil war factory for Western warmongers, and South East Asia and Africa as a block of new ‘nations’ born out of the ‘white man’s burden’ to civilize their people via brutal colonization and then grant them ‘independence’ in the form of never-ending debt to Western banks.
In the West on the other hand, where I live, I can say with confidence that our modern society, its political and social conventions, customs and morality, has past it’s expiry date and is well and truly moribund. If I were a political or social cartoonist, the image would be a giant rotting corpse plastered in thick make up and doused in cheap perfume with a greedy banker’s hand up its ass making it move and talk to fool the public into thinking that they actually has a future worth living in.

Leading the cast in this tragicomedy (heavy on the tragi) we find our psychopathic leaders and their media whores trying extra hard to convince us that everything is just fine. But that smell, that stench of lies and the screaming contradiction between what they say and what we can all see (if we look) is making it increasingly hard to believe them, and even our own wishful thinking.
Consider that:

the pedophilia that has long existed in secret in ‘high places’ has, in recent years, come out of the closet in the form of a host of beloved British ‘house-hold names’ dragged into court on charges that they abused thousands of children in TV studio dressing rooms, hospitals and their homes, over the last several decades. In response to this revelation, the British media and British ‘experts’ have sought to either protect the offenders, or convince the public that they should accept pedophilia as a ‘normal sexual orientation’.

The UK is the most surveilled state in the world, boasting one CCTV camera for every 11 citizens. CC TV cameras on Britain’s roads capture 26 million images of civilians in their cars every day. There are only 34.5 million vehicles licensed for use on British roads. George Orwell had no idea.

A majority of British and American children don’t play outside, they ‘play’ inside by hooking their brains up to (often) violent video games. This particular ‘leisure’ activity may not necessarily turn them into violent children and adults, but it certainly does effect their brains, hindering the development of empathy and leaving them ‘morally immature‘, just like society at large. US and British courts have repeatedly struck down attempts to restrict children’s access to violent video games, and yet, at Heathrow airport for example, ‘security’ guards will confiscate tiny plastic guns from the hand of a child’s plastic (made in China) toy.

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