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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

UK floods: River Thames homes under threat as further rain is predicted

 Soldiers distribute sandbags to help flood hit residents in Egham

Flood-ravaged communities along the River Thames face a battering by a “worrying” wave of heavy rain and strong winds which threaten to burst the river’s banks yet further and submerge hundreds more homes.

Storms will bring up to 65mph winds and rainfall of 20 to 30mm. It comes after 1,700 homes were left without power and the official toll of flooded homes along the Thames rose to about 800. Thousands more remain at risk.

 The storm threatens to fell trees and cause further power and transport misery to rail services in the Thames Valley. Some 1,600 troops have now been deployed to assist with flood protection and relief.

Fourteen severe flood warnings – meaning a danger to life – were still in place from the Environment Agency (EA) with yellow warnings issued for incoming weather by the Met Office.

Met Office forecaster Charles Powell said: “The next system moving in might not give huge amounts when compared with normal, but on top of the amount of water already, it’s the last thing people want.

“It’s worrying because it hampers any chance the ground has to dry out and land which may have dried out.”

Some 1,700 homes in the village of Datchet were hit by power cuts last night as the floods continued to wreak havoc.

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Christian persecution is worse now in Iraq than it was before the United States military and its allies deposed dictator Saddam Hussein, Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) said in opening remarks at a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs' Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations on Tuesday.
“As we witness the black flag of al-Qaeda again fly over cities such as Fallujah, which we had won at the cost of so much American blood, we wonder how it is that for Christians in Iraq, life appears to be worse now than it was under the vicious dictator Saddam Hussein,” Smith said.
Hussein was captured in 2003 then tried by the interim government and found guilty of “crimes against humanity.” He was executed by hanging in 2006.
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