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Monday, 10 February 2014

UK floods: Thames reaches record water levels

BBC News

Thousands of homes along the River Thames are threatened with flooding as flood waters continue to rise.

Sixteen severe flood warnings are in place, including 14 in Berkshire and Surrey and two in Somerset.

The Environment Agency is warning of rising water in the Somerset Levels.

Its chairman Lord Smith, has hit back at critics, saying his staff knew "100 times" more about flooding than any politician.

"I have kept my counsel up to now, but when I hear someone criticising the expertise and the professionalism of my staff in the Environment Agency, who know 100 times more about flood risk management than any politician ever does, I'm afraid I'm not going to sit idly by, " he said.

"The Environment Agency is bound by the rules that are laid down by government."

He was speaking after Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said ministers had been given bad advice over river dredging.

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