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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ukraine: West Directs Syrian And/Or Yugoslav model

Stop Nato

There is a noted similarity in the “protest movements” in Syria and Ukraine. There is evidence of armed gunmen among protesters in Kiev targeting policemen.  
1) Ukrainian prime minister: Deadly attacks attempt to seize power
2) U.S. ambassador to Ukraine: Government “responsible for everything that happens in Ukraine”
3) As with Syria, European Union and Russia clash over Ukrainian uprising
4) European Council President Rompuy threatens sanctions against Ukraine
5) European Union deliberates over sanctions against Ukrainian government, officials
6) Former Lithuanian prime minister: President Victor Yanukovych must be tried in international court
7) President of European Parliament: Ukrainian authorities “have lost all legitimacy”
8) Russian State Duma’s International Affairs Committee Chairman Alexei Pushkov: Vice President Biden, U.S. government signal support to armed extremists
9) Ukrainian president: Putschists’ call to take up arms crosses the line
10) Security Service opens criminal investigations into coup plotting
11) Russian Federation Council chairperson denounces armed violence in Ukraine, accuses opposition chiefs of receiving marching orders from the West
12) Russian Foreign Ministry demands opposition forces cease deadly bloodshed
13) Two traffic police shot dead in Ukrainian capital
14) Ukrainian Defense ministry intensifies security measures around ammunition stores

Scroll down to Read reports from Russian and Ukrainian media below:

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