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Monday, 17 February 2014

Vast Study Casts Doubts on Value of Mammograms

Comment: I had a discussion with some female friends about these screenings recently and we came to the conclusion - as so many others have - that they are pretty much a waste of time and possibly even dangerous. This NY Times article confirms what many already knew and have been warning about for years.


New York Times

One of the largest and most meticulous studies of mammography ever done, involving 90,000 women and lasting a quarter-century, has added powerful new doubts about the value of the screening test for women of any age. It found that the death rates from breast cancer and from all causes were the same in women who got mammograms and those who did not. 

And the screening had harms: One in five cancers found with mammography and treated was not a threat to the woman’s health and did not need treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. The study, published Tuesday in The British Medical Journal, is one of the few rigorous evaluations of mammograms conducted in the modern era of more effective breast cancer treatments.

It randomly assigned Canadian women to have regular mammograms and breast exams by trained nurses or to have breast exams alone. Researchers sought to determine whether there was any advantage to finding breast cancers when they were too small to feel. The answer is no, the researchers report.

Many cancers, researchers now recognize, grow slowly, or not at all, and do not require treatment.

Some cancers even shrink or disappear on their own. But once cancer is detected, it is impossible to know if it is dangerous, so doctors treat them all.

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