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Monday, 3 March 2014

Russia Defends Its "Absolutely Lawful" Invasion Of Crimea

Zero Hedge

Having earlier blasted John Kerry for his "lack of analysis" of the Ukraine situation and noted that China "understands" the Russian perspective, the Russian foreign ministry has issued a further statement defending its actions in Crimea: "...through the fault of the Bandera-type groups and other ultra-nationalistic forces, the measures we are taking are adequate and absolutely lawful."
Via Interfax,
The measures Russia is taking to defend the population of the Crimea are adequate and lawful, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
It said a legitimate government should be formed in Ukraine.
"We want the situation in Ukraine to get back to normal as soon as possible on the basis of the February 21 agreement, and a legitimate national unity government to be formed that would take the interests of all political forces and regions into account," it said in a statement on Monday.
"In the current extraordinary situation, which has taken shape through no fault of our own, when the lives and security of residents of the Crimea and the southeastern regions have come under threat through the fault of the Bandera-type groups and other ultra-nationalists
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