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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Liz Wahl Russia Today anchor who quit on air is a liar with zero credibility

Daily Slave

An interesting thing happened on Russia Today (RT) an English speaking television news channel that provides world news from a Russian perspective.  Yesterday Liz Wahl one of their American news anchors out of Washington DC decided to quit live on air protesting what she claimed was RT’s slanted pro-Russian, pro-Putin news coverage.  Amazingly just hours later, Wahl was on CNN talking with Anderson Cooper on his nightly cable news show AC 360 about her decision to quit.  Could this woman be any more of a hypocrite?  Even though it is true that RT is biased in certain respects, the American corporate news media is the most slanted and biased propaganda machine in the world.   If this woman really quit on basic journalistic principles she would have never appeared on CNN just hours after quitting on air.  This woman has zero credibility.

There is a very strong chance that this whole incident was prearranged and staged in advance.  Does anyone really believe that only hours after quitting live on air there would be time for CNN’s producers to prepare this interview?  Wahl quit live on air only about 4 hours before her appearance on CNN.  Was CNN really able to learn about this, change the show’s format, get in touch with Wahl and put her on camera in such a short amount of time?  This would have been extremely difficult unless of course the whole thing was pre-planned. 

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