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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Obama’s Ukraine Fiasco Will Trigger US-EU Economic Ruin…


If the Western Powers continue this staged revolution by proxy and pretense 
The “Crimean War” was designed and manufactured in the capitals of the US, UK and other EU member states for at least three reasons: (i) as a means of distraction, (ii) as a fabricated opportunity to ‘save’ the EU from certain implosion and (iii) as a ruse to jump start the US out of its economic recession and the EU out of its financial depression.

However, these are not the primary reasons for such an international debacle instigated by the same suspects.  Were the truth generally known about the real state of affairs throughout the EU, and within the US economy, the true purposes behind the Ukraine coup d’etat would become transparent.  In both cases, the situation is beyond dire.  And it was sheer desperation that motivated the primary instigators (US & EU) to implement such a reckless and flawed plan of attack against the sovereignty of the Ukraine.
The US house of cards is at a tipping point.  If and when it is exposed, it will take a lot of other nations with it.  Obama’s financial policy, willful neglect of the economy and a Perfect Storm of failed legislation (like Obamacare) have pushed the nation to the very brink.  His Administration’s focus, and waste of precious time and energy, on extraordinarily destructive social policies has likewise squandered the few opportunities to address the most pressing matters this country faces.  Matters so serious that they pose existential threats to the Republic.

On the other side of the pond, we have the EU that is literally a hairsbreadth away from total collapse. And they know it.  Which is why they participated in the Ukraine coup d’état.  It was truly a last ditch effort to plunder yet another nation for their wealth in the hope that the Eurozone might be artificially propped up for another year or two.  If only the Ukrainian people knew what they don’t know.  They are being courted so aggressively by the EU only for their natural resource wealth, gold reserves, oil and gas conduits, missile deployment area against Russia, and strategic geopolitical location.
See how quickly the IMF has made loan offers to the Ukraine in the wake of the coup d’état in Kiev.  Their goal was not only to steal their gold post haste, but also to transform the Ukrainian people into the indentured servants that much of southern Europe has become.  Using fascist thugs, neo-Nazi criminals and other known terrorists were an essential part of their MO to effectuate the coup before anyone knew what was happening.

However, the very fact that both sides of the Atlantic signed up so quickly to condemn Russia for their own guilty actions is proof positive of their hidden agenda.  In this day and time of the internet, geopolitical crimes of this depth and breadth — committed in broad daylight — can only be kept secret for a few cyber-nanoseconds, yes?!  The rapid exchange of factual information, especially about color revolutions-in-progress, is now too efficient for state-sponsored crimes to go undetected.

Financial Ruin Right Around the Corner As Payback For US-EU Duplicity

It used to be the case that the the superpowers could get away with executing coup d’états, unprovoked military aggressions and other acts of war because of their overwhelming economic prowess and military might.  Forever invoking “Might makes right”, they have been able to roll across the planetary landscape like a juggernaut in times past.  That won’t work anymore because of the true state of the economies of the heretofore Western ‘Powers’.  To be clear, they are all on some sort of life support … and that includes Germany as well.

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