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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

5 Reasons Why Google Wants to Gain Control of Your Car

Susan Posel

Google is very proud of their self-driving cars.

So much so that their self-driving car (SDC) project has “entered a new stage” with the development of new technology that can:

• Drive an estimated 700,000 “accident-free” miles
• Utilize lasers, radar and camera to analyze urban driving conditions
• Artificial intelligence can “read” road signs
• Navigate obstacles in roadways
• Navigate merging into lanes and bad weather conditions
• Detailed mapping of the country

Chris Urmson, SDC project manager for Google said: “We’re growing more optimistic that we’re heading toward an achievable goal — a vehicle that operates fully without human intervention.”

Urmson is part of Google X Lab (GXL) which is a technology-based initiative to bring advanced robotics to the public within the next 3 years.

It was explained that with “jaywalking pedestrians [and] cars lurching out of hidden driveways, double-parked delivery trucks blocking your lane and your view”; in megacities of the future, the goal is to free residents from the “congestion from cars circling for parking and have fewer intersections made dangerous by distracted drivers. That’s why over the last year we’ve shifted the focus of the Google self-driving car project onto mastering city street driving.”

First on GXL’s list is to get SDCs on the road to replace human drivers.

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