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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BATS in the Belfry: Charges Fly on CNBC Over Rigged Markets

Wall St. on Parade

During this past Sunday evening’s 60 Minutes segment on how high frequency traders in combination with stock exchanges selling high-speed access have rigged the stock market, one stock exchange was called out by name: BATS. The program explored charges made in bestselling author, Michael Lewis’ new book, “Flash Boys.”

Yesterday, the President of BATS Global Markets, Inc., William (Bill) O’Brien appeared on CNBC to debate Michael Lewis and the young entrepreneur featured in his book, Brad Katsuyama, who has opened the IEX trading platform that promises to level the playing field by putting in speed bumps that slow down high frequency traders.

O’Brien came out of the gate hurling charges at Lewis and Katsuyama for making false accusations, spreading fear, and scaring investors. O’Brien repeatedly interrupted when Lewis and Katsuyama attempted to speak, jabbed his fingers in the air at Katsuyama and appeared generally ignorant of the gravity of having your stock exchange called out on a CBS news program that reaches upwards of 14.3 million viewers.

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