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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Global Cooling, Russia, Ukraine, Europe & The United States: The Battle Over Natural Gas

Comment: If you're into top-level mundane Astrology then you'd be very wise to check out Theodore Whites' excellent analysis:  The Grand Cardinal Cross Of Spring 2014: Crisis In Ukraine, Crimea, Russia & The West

The following is only a small extract of a very long and detailed post where astrology meets geopolitics with special attention given to the Ukraine-Russia crisis. 


The Grand Cardinal Cross Spring 2014


The overall series of seven (7) exact Uranus-Pluto World Squares, of which the fourth exact aspect activated on November 1, 2013, will take us to the fifth (5th) exact square of April 21, 2014, and that is smack in the middle of the ongoing Grand Cardinal Cross of spring 2014. 

1 March 2014 - Mars stations retrograde at 27-Libra
2 March 2014 - Saturn stations retrograde at 23-Scorpio
6 March 2014 - Jupiter stations direct at 10-Cancer

Then, into the Grand Cardinal Cross of spring of 2014:

10 April 2014 - Mercury heads N in declination
14 April 2014 - Pluto stations retrograde
15 April 2014 - New Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 25-Libra

20 April 2014 - Jupiter squares Uranus
20 Apr 2014 - Jupiter opposes Pluto
21 Apr 2014 - 5th Uranus square Pluto, exact aspect

20-23 April - Strong cardinal transits

From these planetary configurations, it is my assessment that we are heading into dangerous times for 2014, a major cardinal crisis year.

The Holy Week of April 2014 is highlighted for much of the cardinal crisis energies.

Another problem is that there is a lunar eclipse on April 15, 2014, which compounds an already powerful time in the world. It will extend into the months of May and June 2014.

A Grand Cross, or Grand Square configuration, consists of four (4) or more planets spread out at intervals of approximately 90-degrees.

This powerful configuration features two oppositions with four planets that are square to each other. 
In the case of spring 2014, these planets are:

Mars, retrograde in Libra
Jupiter in Cancer
Uranus in Aries
Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn

Now, this configuration differs from a T-square configuration which diffuses energy, as the grand cross configuration focalizes it.

The reason for this is because any one of the planets in a grand cross, or grand square, can be considered a focal point.

These are powerful focalized energy conduits that demand attention.

Therefore, any attempt to resolve any problems caused by a single planet in the grand cardinal cross configuration simply aggravates more problems with the other planets in the configuration.

This means that one is forced to scramble, from one crisis situation to the another, without being able to concentrate long enough on a single situation to be effective in resolving anything, that is, without causing even more problems in events taking place at the same time.

Remember, this 2014 cardinal configuration shows a continuous cycle of 'focalized crisis situations,' in each of the planetary positions - Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto - as those involved are unable to fully resolve the problems associated with each single planetary body that are in unfavorable adverse aspect to one another.

The Uranus-Pluto world squares will bring about more revolutionary sentiments, violence and disruption that forces the status quo into what I consider to be suicidal attempts to regain 'control,'as the status quo is actually losing power.

It will call upon everyone with common sense, intelligence, courage and insight to counter the negativity brought about by the dying oligarchy and establishment that have laid down the groundwork of the dysfunction and disruption that is now in operation.

The spring into mid-summer 2014 is also not a good time for extended travel. I continue to warn about this due to the unfavorable world transits.

Any travel plans you have should be cancelled due to the high probability for accidents and troubles in foreign countries from now through to mid-to-late summer 2014.

My mundane advice is that it is best to stay close to home.


The Battle Over Natural Gas Global Cooling, Russia, Ukraine, Europe & The United States:
By Theodore White, astrometeorologist.Sci 

In forecasting the brutal winter of 2014 several years ago, I noted that the anomalous cold temperatures, ice and snow storms of winter 2014 would break records in the northern hemisphere.

And so it did.

The winter of 2014 shows what near future winters will be like under the new climate regime of global cooling that I have also forecasted will soon set upon the entire Earth.

And yet, another of the great bonehead errors that Washington DC and the Obama administration has consistently been making is their stance on ‘climate change.’

I will remind all that despite even President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry saying that ‘man-made global warming is a fact’ - that that is impossible.

The laws of physics which govern the Earth's entire planetary climate state outright that ‘man-made global warming,’ aka, ‘climate change’ cannot happen on Earth.

That means that it is impossible.

That is a fact.

Moreover, the solar-forced global warming that has been caused by the Sun since 1980-81 has been on the wane for years and will end, according to my Astromet calculations, in the year 2017.

And the new climate regime that is coming is global cooling, which is far, far worse than global warming could ever be.

In fact, global warming is good for the Earth, but global cooling is not.

And it is global cooling that is coming. 

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