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Friday, 25 April 2014

It Was a US-instigated Ukrainian Coup

Nick  Wright

Once again the U.S. establishment is promoting another violent coup d’etat as a democratic uprising. Troops are moving, planes are flying, ships are advancing, war threats are being thrown. The governments of NATO and their media point fingers at Russia, but the provocation is fully hidden. Peace activists who should know better are buying this propaganda and spreading it.  

Peace activists must urgently act to illuminate the travesty of justice that is taking place. We spoke together to support negotiations with Iran. We must raise our voices now. 

Ukraine’s democratically elected president has been violently and forcibly removed with the financial and political support of the United States and European Union. The State Department did not just hand out cookies to a few protesters. It did not just select the replacement government. The U.S. spent $5 billion to instill Koch brothers democracy in Ukraine. The House has approved an additional $1 billion. What else? There are now two governments in Ukraine and the U.S./EU supported one is filled with neo-Nazis. 
We must not forget how anti-government protests in foreign countries have historically been instigated and/or used by the CIA for nefarious purposes.  

The CIA playbook has been repeated so many times – from Iran in 1953 to Chile in 1973 to Haiti 1991 and 2004, Yugoslavia in the 1990′s, Honduras in 2009, Libya, Egypt and Syria, Venezuela, among many others. Government overthrows result. How can we forget the devastation these coups bring? Sometimes the government being deposed is democratically elected, sometimes not, but in either case a government is targeted because it shows independence from U.S. foreign policy demands.

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