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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Police begin spying on every citizen in real-time

Mass Private I

CA - A retired Air Force veteran named Ross McNutt and his Ohio-based company, Persistent Surveillance Systems, persuaded the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to use his surveillance technology to monitor Compton’s streets from the air and track suspects from the moment the snatching occurred.

The system, known as wide-area surveillance, is something of a time machine – the entire city is filmed and recorded in real time. Imagine Google Earth with a rewind button and the ability to play back the movement of cars and people as they scurry about the city.

“We literally watched all of Compton during the time that we were flying, so we could zoom in anywhere within the city of Compton and follow cars and see people,” McNutt said. “Our goal was to basically jump to where reported crimes occurred and see what information we could generate that would help investigators solve the crimes.”

An electronic surveillance system that can locate you within a matter of minutes is disturbing. 

McNutt describes his product as "a live version of Google Earth, only with TiVo capabilities," which is intriguing but vague (and also sounds a lot like the plot of this terrible Denzel movie). More specifically, PSS outfits planes with an array of super high-resolution cameras that allow a pilot to record a 25-square-mile patch of Earth constantly—for up to six hours.
The PSS system has been tested in cities including Baltimore and Dayton, and, last year, police officers in Compton used it to track crimes, including a necklace snatching. In one case, they could track a criminal as he approached a woman, grabbed her jewelry, and then ran to a getaway car. They eventually drove out of frame, which meant they weren't caught—but, as the Compton police explain in this video, the system told them that this particular car was involved, at the very least.
The common denominator of everything being done in our B/S war against terrorism is money! Civil rights be damned.

Police (DHS) spying on everyone without probable cause, where does it end?

Police in Virginia are constantly photographing random motorists license plates, click here to read more.

It's easy to imagine such capabilities being abused.  The speed and power of electronic surveillance turn old-fashioned analog concepts into disturbing invasions of privacy.  Police officers enforcing speed limits with helicopters and airplanes are one thing, but doing it with a swarm of robot drones is another; people get nervous when the eye in the sky never blinks.

This is an ominous invasion of privacy: Our government shouldn't be allowed to track everyone and everything that moves.

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