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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The CIA Director’s Secret Trip to Kiev Has Started Massive Attacks

Comment: You constantly nip at the Bears heels and it will eventually turn and bite. Especially if those nippers are War Hawks with their CIA-backed thugs looking for easy resource pickings...


Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Writes Jack D. Douglas:
Russian officials and media a few days ago reported that the head of the U.S. CIA secretly met in Kiev with the Kiev Junta leaders.
The U.S. issued a non-denial denial in absolute terms, sneering at the Russian reports and refusing to confirm or deny any moves by such officials.
Yesterday the White House admitted it was true. The Russians obviously had them cold and could expose their Big Lies.
Last night in the U.S. the Junta armored and air forces poured into the Eastern, pro-Russian half of the Ukraine, as videos and reporters from CNN and other news agencies showed.

The freedom and democracy forces, mostly pro-Russian for obvious reasons, are still trying to talk the tankers into putting down their weapons and joining them.
The Junta forces used air attacks to seize one airport, killing about 4 local militia, according to CNN, etc.
Russia is still holding back and the major local militias in Donetsk and other cities are standing firm, not yet under attack. Kiev is apparently trying to encircle Donetsk and other cities with tanks and heavy weapon supported infantry, many of them ultra nationalists, anti-Russians from the West. This is SOP for armor attacks, cut off the supplies and seal off the protesters, then mop them up.
It is obvious now that the Russians  have excellent sources at the top of the Junta who report even on top secret meetings with the director of the CIA in full drag, complete with a false name.
So the Russians know what the U.S. and Kiev are planning.
I suspect the CIA gave full assurances to the Junta leaders that the  U.S. will continue to give massive Black Ops support, satellite data on the Russians, and weapons for full scale war.
That reassured them and they began this massive attack in the East as soon as they could, last night our time, day time in the Ukraine.
Putin is still trying publicly to get a diplomatic solution with local, federated autonomy [freedom]. Kiev is calling for U.S. puppet troops from the U.N. to join in “pacifying” the Eastern freedom fighters.
Putin can try to ride out Russian rage if he does not now attack the attackers and might do so if he fears it would lead to full scale war with the U.S.
But it seems more likely he will do what any American leader would do if Cuba or Canada or Mexico were invaded by Russians or anyone hell-bent on attacking the U.S.
Yesterday the Russian plane spying on the U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea spying on Russian communications [as I assume they were doing in the SOP] indicated the Russians are not going to lie down and be walked over.
This Ukrainian Civil War is now extremely dangerous, far more so than any of the many other wars the U.S. is waging around the world. Russia is not a poor, weak country like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Bahrain, Pakistan, and all the other victims of U.S. annihilations and civil war attacks by mercenaries and drones.

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