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Monday, 14 April 2014

US Claims ‘Tell-Tale’ Signs of Russia’s Involvement in East Ukraine

Comment: US-NATO officials are so obviously desperate to blame Russia for destroying their plans ... The region is still highly volatile. 


US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power continued to blame Russia for the escalation of the situation in Eastern Ukraine, saying the demonstrations showed the “tell-tale signs of Moscow’s involvement.”

Power argued that the protesters were too “professional” and too well-coordinated to have ever been organized by the east Ukrainians themselves, saying it must’ve been done by the Russian government.

The US should know, too, as they and other Western nations were repeatedly implicated in organizing the Kiev protests that earlier this year ousted the elected government, and replaced them with the new, pro-US “interim” government that the ethnic Russians in the east are trying to secede from.

Russian officials denied any involvement in the protests, but warned the “western sponsors” of the new government to do something to stop the crackdown, saying they “must keep their wards under control.”

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