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Friday, 9 May 2014

Harvard Study Proves How Dangerous GMOs Are to Humans

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) have conducted a study which asserts that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are “stripping important food crops of their nutrients”.

The crops measured in the study were:

• Wheat
• Barley
• Soybeans
• C3 plants

C3 plants are able to convert CO2 into energy; however researchers claim that through experiments, these crops added an artificial enhancement of CO2 into the human body which causes a negative effect on:
• human immune system
• cell development
• hemoglobin production
• brain function
• lowers IQ

Samuel Myers, lead author of research physician at HSPH said: “Global iron and zinc deficiencies are an enormous public health problem. A lack of sufficient zinc and iron in the diet has led to the loss of about 63 million life years annually.”

Experiments continued on C4 crops such as corn, sorghum and other plants that have open-top chambers that allow CO2 enrichment.

Myers’ team found that “5 to 10% reductions in nutrients like iron, zinc and protein” were prevalent.

The lead author made it clear that CO2 was not the definitive cause of the nutrient deficiency; however Myers concluded that “no matter what the cause, the effect could be really significant – and harmful.”

The majority of the crops studied were genetically-modified organisms (GMO) created by corporations such as Monsanto.

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