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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Huffington, Greenwald and the Birth of the Purple Pill Media

Vigilant Citizen Forum
Paul W. Marko PhD.

In order to neuter the raging cobra of the alternative media, the globalists seem to be launching several new platforms of their newest mongoose, what I will call the “purple pill media.” This most recent ploy aims to make the outrageous behaviors of the ruling class (like possibly staging 9/11, the moon landings, the Kennedy assassinations, multiple false flag operations, etc.) food for polite discussions rather than the shameful affronts to humanity and civilization that they really are.

Based on a conceptualization hatched by brilliant Irish thinker and artist, Thomas Sheridan,[1] his notion of the “purple pill” is a take off of the red pill and blue pill idea birthed in the original Matrix movie. Thomas astutely observed that when new ideas, edgy trends or expressions of authentic rage emerge organically from the populace (the red pill of reality), the movements are quickly infiltrated, watered down and sterilized by the powers that be. As an example, the hippie, anti war movement of the 60’s, a true awakening by a generation that were no longer willing to swallow the hypocrisy of the American dream (red pill), became swiftly co-opted and diluted into politically acceptable, anti war goop, ushering many into the purple pill of loyal opposition to war and causing still others in the flock to double back into the blue pill of the mainstream conservative society. Other examples range from the original hip hop music to the sincere beginning of the Black Power movement; the strategy is to infiltrate, twist and water down the message, such that it no longer has teeth, cannot mobilize action or threaten the establishment.

Over the past few weeks, major globalist money has been thrown into partnerships with media trendies and supposed “pals of the people,” to begin new “alternative” media networks. Arianna Huffington, the famous conservative turned liberal and Glamour Magazine’s woman of the year, signed a deal with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen to start a new media company, World Post news website.[2]  Berggruen is the founder, benefactor and inspirational leader of the Institute on Governance, an organization dedicated to solving the problems of globalization in the 21st century.[3] At the same time Glenn Greenwald, internationally known journalist and releaser (excruciatingly slow – 1% revealed so far) of the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, signed a $250 million dollar deal with Pierre Omidyar, owner of Pay Pal corporation, to start a media vehicle.[4] Greenwald said that it was his dream to have an outlet like this to “promote in-depth reporting.”4 

Likely not too in-depth on some subjects, however, since his “Angel Investor’s” company has been and still is a compliant party to the NSA spying program exposed in the Snowden leaks.[5] Just to assure you that these are not unrelated coincidences, Omidyar is on the editorial board of the new World Post news website.[6] These new “alternative media” funded by globalists and fronted by celebrities, I propose, will form the basis for the purple pill media or just the purple media.

But what can we expect to find on these venues?

Since the idea is to make the outrageous, criminal acts of the globalists mainstream and easy to swallow, “conspiracy theories” will be acknowledged and investigated in stories that will fully express the facts in the story. This article will be likely answered by an establishment expert, someone with a mountain of credentials but no scruples, assuring the public that although the facts of the case are true, there is no danger involved and many logical reasons why the situation exists. After which, the matter will be debated on a public forum, in a civilized manner and then filed under interesting but irrelevant. For example, a story that reveals that chemtrails exist and governments throughout the world are spray aluminum, barium and strontium particles on the earth in vast amounts in combination with various viruses and nano-technology could emerge on these websites. The original article (red pill) will be followed by an article interviewing a leading expert on everything in the sky explaining that the program does exist and indeed it is spraying those particular particulates, but not to worry, these measures are important to save the planet from global warming (purple pill). The publication will then move to the next subject leaving the “informed” readers to make up their minds on this controversy, thereby converting the red pill of global genocide from the sky into the purple pill of a cocktail party topic for discussion. 

If I am correct the purple pill media will likely expand their platforms into television outlets with game shows like the old Wheel of Fortune, with questions like, “Now for the bonus round and chance to come back next week…Who ordered the Norad stand-down on 9/11? There could be a reality show called “Escape from Abu Ghraib” where the public will get used to the prisoner and captor roles and consider them quite purpulishly normal.

These new outlets are a very expensive chess move on the part of the globalists that we can easily counter by knowing the aim and sticking with the red pill of truth and outrage.


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