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Monday, 26 May 2014

JIS pedophile investigation widens

5th Estate 

On Friday May 23 Mrs. Lidya Freyani Hawadi, General Director for Early Education of The Education and Culture Ministry announced during a press conference held in Jakarta that JIS Headmaster Timothy Carr has been indicted by Indonesian authorities as a suspect in the widening pedophile scandal now engulfing the international school in South Jakarta. 

The recent rape of a five-year old boy in the toilets of the prestigious Jakarta International School shocked the expatriate and Indonesian communities and sparked calls for a full and comprehensive investigation into allegations that pedophilia had reached into the upper management of the school. 

“The trial for this case will begin on Monday (May 27, 2014). We are ready for the trial.” Lydia said.

JIS attorney Kartini Muljadi has denied the allegations. 

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