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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Local elction results 2014: 'Ed Miliband is damaged goods,' says shadow minister

Comment: Ed Miliband was never electable. Since Ed Balls has attended a recent Bilderberg meeting I would put money on him being the next Labour Party leader once Miliband is ditched. 


The Independent 

Ed Miliband will attempt to override concerns about his leadership among the Shadow Cabinet with a speech this week promising to restore trust in politics among voters who deserted Labour for Ukip. 

Returning to the scene of Labour's bruising local election defeat in Thurrock, where the party lost control of the council after a surge for Nigel Farage's party, Mr Miliband will acknowledge the "deep sense of discontent" among voters over the way the country is run.

But in a fresh blow to the Labour leader, a shadow minister told The Independent on Sunday that Mr Miliband had to step down, claiming he was "damaged goods" and "not a prime minister". The anonymous comment was the latest in a series from MPs and insiders who are concerned that Mr Miliband cannot deliver an outright victory for Labour next year.

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