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Monday, 5 May 2014

Shocking facts about Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli gulags

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Official statistics, released on the occasion of Prisoner Day, on the number and state of affairs of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails revealed scandalous facts about the tragedy of Palestinian detainees.

The Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ affairs said, in a statement that has been recently released on the occasion, that 5000 Palestinian detainees are still held in Israeli prisons, including 476 sentenced to life.

The statement documented the incarceration of 19 Palestinian women and 200 children in addition to several Palestinian minors who have, ironically, grown to maturity inside Israeli prisons.

The prisoners’ list includes 185 cases of administrative detention along with 11 MPs and several political leaders distributed among 22 Israeli prisons.

Incredible data about the prisoners’ tragedy

Official statistics revealed that more than 800 thousand Palestinians, including 15,000 female detainees and tens of thousands of children have been subject to the ongoing Israeli detention campaigns since 1967 until end of 2013.

Such appalling figures leave little doubt, if any, that every single Palestinian family had been put through detention. According to the statistics, Israeli prisons and detention centers have been built in almost every Palestinian territory.

Ever since the eruption of the second intifada in September 2000, 80 thousand detention cases, including 10,000 children and more than 60 ex-lawmakers and ministers, were documented.

Over the past decades, the Palestinian socio-political scene in the occupied West Bank has been overwhelmed by such detention campaigns. The security pretext, endemic to Israeli alleged incarceration ruses, could no longer be maintained as a taken-for-granted excuse.


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