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Friday, 23 May 2014

The Inquest of JPMorgan VP Gabriel Magee: Case Closed; Move Along

Wall St. On Parade

If it’s at all possible, don’t die on the premises of a too-big-to-fail bank like JPMorgan. That’s because if you do your otherwise meritorious life and career is likely to be turned into a circus of slanderous tidbits in order to promote the reputation of the global banking behemoth as the benevolent guardian of all things noble and saintly.

A coroner’s inquest began at 10 a.m. in London this morning to investigate how 39 year old Gabriel Magee, a technology Vice President who worked in JPMorgan’s European headquarters at 25 Bank Street in London, came to be found dead on a 9th level rooftop at approximately 8:02 a.m. on the morning of January 28 of this year.

The inquest had barely begun when the wire service, Reuters, ran this headline: “JP Morgan Executive Had High Alcohol Level Before Skyscraper Plunge, London Inquest Hears.” That’s called framing the story. Within the next hour, newspapers around the globe who had no reporter at the inquest to do first hand reporting, were running with the Reuters headline and abbreviated story.

Next up was a seriously specious headline from the UK Mirror newspaper. The headline that ran in bold black type at the newspaper’s web site declared that “A JP Morgan Bank Vice-President Said He ‘Couldn’t Handle This’ Before Falling Canary Wharf Tower Block.” (The word “Off” seems to be missing from the headline as well as any semblance of truthful reporting.)

The Mirror headline neglects to explain that those words were uttered at least six years prior to Gabriel Magee’s death, when he was working for JPMorgan in New York  – words that 90 percent of computer programmers have likely uttered at some point in their career; sometimes a dozen times a day. (That JPMorgan investigators were forced to dig out this ancient nugget and present it at the inquest shows just how little they had to go on to make this suicide story stick.)

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