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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Pedophilia and Sex Education in Croatia: Meeting with Judith Reisman

Egalite & Reconcilliation

Judith Reisman, American writer, worked for 30 years on the relationship between Alfred Kinsey, the Kinsey Institute and pedophilia. She is therefore one of the most able to demonstrate the links between sex education, sexual revolution, gender theory, pornography, etc.., And pedophilia.

Although her ideas were popularized in Europe by some documentaries, the ever hexagonal media have not asked questions and no French publisher has translated them. 

That is why the historian Marion Sigaut ERTV and went to meet him during his visit to Zagreb, capital of Croatia, where she became a prominent figure following the discussions on the introduction of sex education school who inflamed the country.

In this interview, Judith Reisman explains her background, the reasons for going to Croatia as well as the appointment of the Kinsey Institute advisory status to the United Nations.

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