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Friday, 22 August 2014

14 facts that help explain America's child-migrant crisis

Comment: What a mess. Since the US created many of the economic problems over decades of destabilization within these countries in the first place, it's little wonder that these children are ending up searching for the fantasy of the "American Dream." They represent the new wave of immigration from a background of grinding poverty, most of whom are not being deported back to their country of origin. While this is a no-win situation for the migrants and the fact that this experience is something no child should have to undergo, it will be a disaster for the US which is already at breaking point at so many levels. Any huge inflow of immigrants can only mean an exacerbation of socio-econmic woe for all, and precisely what some factions at the top of this Elite pyramid are looking to engineer.


The flow of unaccompanied immigrant children across the US-Mexico border — mostly from Central America — is continuing to gain attention as a humanitarian crisis.

So here are 14 things you need to know to get a handle on what is actually going on along the border right now; what process the US has in place to deal with unaccompanied kids and families; and what the government wants to do now.

(For more on this story, see Vox's cardstack and storystream on the crisis.)

1)  The child-migrant "surge" began in 2011, but hit a crisis point this year

Border Patrol agents began reporting an increase in the number of unaccompanied children from Central America in the fall of 2011. Because fiscal year 2012 started in October 2011, the government's official numbers show an increase starting then — but anecdotal reports demonstrate that the surge began early that fiscal year, i.e. in 2011.

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