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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

James Foley 'beheaded': Foreign Secretary warns of Isis international terrorist attacks after killing of American journalist

Comment: Here we go again. One big manipulated blood bath for power and weapons corporations as the Middle East is re-shaped for Israel.  ISIS is a turbo-charged version of Al-Qaeda trained, funded and armed by by the Western and Zionist intelligence apparatus. The lies and propaganda are at saturation point. 

Ramping up the "Clash of Civilizations" nonsense....


The Independent 

The Foreign Secretary has said the man shown beheading James Foley in a video appears to be British as he warned that the Islamic State could launch terrorist attacks on the UK. 

Philip Hammond said the militant group, known as Isis, was not just a threat to Syria and Iraq, where it has killed countless civilians and caused thousands of people to flee in terror, but to our own national security.

“If Isis becomes established in Iraq and Syria it will undoubtedly use it as a base for launching attacks on the West,” he told Radio 4’s Today programme.

"It will undoubtedly send its fighters out to attack Western targets.

“Equally, if it gets pushed back, some of these people will return to their country of origin and it’s not just the UK.

“We will see these people going back and potentially carrying on their fight in our homelands.”

David Cameron is returning to Downing Street today to hold meetings over the murder and the escalating crisis in Iraq.

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