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Monday, 25 August 2014

Let’s reimagine the way we connnect with food: The Open Food Network


We are the Open Food Foundation and the Open Food Network is our first project. It is a free and open source project aimed at supporting diverse food enterprises and making it easy to access local and sustainable food.

The Open Food Foundation is a non-profit, registered charity established in October 2012, to develop, accumulate and protect open source knowledge, code, applications and platforms for fair and sustainable food systems.

While established in Australia, we support global collaboration on open projects for food system transformation. We want to build and support communities that bring the people who need the software together with those who can develop it. We are currently working with communities in the UK, Europe, US and Canada on developing OFN pilots.

The Open Food Network is being brought to life by many wonderful people and organisations. Special thanks to VicHealth, WiCreate, Matt Arnold, Random Hacks of Kindness, DiUS computing, City of Casey and Stroudco and other members of the Online Food Hubs Network. Amazing tech guys: Rohan Mitchell, Rob Harrington, Raf Schouten, Andrew Spinks, David Cook, Alex Serdyuk, Will Marshall, and Yin Shen. Early adopters and trial partners: Amoro Foods, Earth and Sky, East Food Hub, Eat Local Eat Wild, Eaterprises Australia, Farm Hack, Fife Diet, Folk Labs, Food Connect Brisbane, Food Coop, Greenhorns, Kildonan Uniting Care, Local Organics, Northcote Bulk, Grow Lightly Connect, Jonai Farms, Mildura Healthy Food, South East Food Hub, StroudCo Food Hub, and other Food Hubs networks around the world.

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