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Saturday, 9 August 2014

The virtue & necessity of deconstructing 'anti-semitism'

Mark Green


Those of us who dare to criticize Israel's centrality in American life are at a real disadvantage. We are disgusted by what we see, but contemporary protocol requires us to show respect and tolerance to the very people who inspire the disgust in the first place. Worse still, our tormentors have no reciprocal obligation for civility. The deck of cards in this dispute is stacked. Saying the wrong word, uttering an incorrect phrase, and one can be tarred as a disreputable 'Anti-Semite', which has become the scarlet letter of our time.

Have Jews been mistreated, shunned, defamed and killed? Certainly. Have Jews done the same? Most definitely. And to make matters worse, they're still at it.

Unfortunately, 'post-Holocaust' rules of discourse now dictate extreme rhetorical deference on this subject. This favors the opposition. There are linguistic land-mines everywhere. And they're been laid out almost exclusively by the other team. Fortunately, one Jewish blogger has recently provided the non-Jewish world with a 19-point guide on what NOT say about Jews and Israel if you wish to avoid the stigma of 'anti-Semitism'.

But as Gaza burns and Israeli criminality goes unpunished, the time has come to turn the tables on the world's most privileged victims. What, for instance, would happen if Jews were reduced to being treated and viewed just like normal, average, everyday human beings? Think of it. The repercussions would be colossal. All special political and cultural considerations that presently confer privilege on Israel and its minions would be ended. US sovereignty could be restored. Perhaps even justice and the rule of law could guide our nation's policies in the Middle East. Might censorious speech codes even be repealed? It's possible.

I concede that this is a radical proposal. There would surely be 'outrage' from the usual suspects. But the present levels of privilege, benefits and deference now accorded global Jewry are wreaking havoc on humanity. And in no small way, I blame entrenched 'anti-Semitic theory' for this, since it is an ideology that denies the yin and yang (or the sharing of any blame) within the historic narrative that purports to fully explain the enduring tensions between gentiles and Jews. Entrenched anti-Semitic theory also confers perennial 'victim status' on Jews. They're all 'survivors'. Is this conclusion really justified? In any event, the political payoff is enormous and across-the-board. 

Anti-Semitic theory therefore is Zionist trope. Even the term 'anti-Semitism' is a ruse. After all, the intermittent animus directed towards Jews has little to do with their Semitic origins or even 'Semitism' itself--whatever that may be. 

Arabs, of course, are a Semitic people; yet Americans are continuously steered towards mistrusting or despising them.

Another fallacy that's baked into anti-Semitic theory is the contention that irrational gentile 'prejudice' and the unflattering characterization of Jews in the New Testament are the primary sources of modern 'anti-Semitism'. Those explanations are pure kosher boloney.

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