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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tony Blair gives Kazakhstan President PR advice following 'massacre' of unarmed protesters

Comment: A man so pathologically narcissistic he's the only one who cannot see the transparency of his own lies. Nothing new for Blair, if the money's right he'll do business with anyone and go to great lengths to justify the unjustifiable.


The Independent 

In a letter obtained by the Daily Telegraph, the former Prime Minister advised Nursultan Nazarbayev ahead of a visit to the University of Cambridge in July 2012.

 Tony Blair has given the President of Kazakhstan PR tips for a speech defending the country’s human rights record in the wake of the killing of unarmed protesters by police.

His firm, Tony Blair Associates, is paid by Kazakhstan’s Government to conduct work on a “reform programme” in the former Soviet nation, which has been led by President Nazarbayev since before independence.

 The former Labour leader is not personally paid for the work, which started in 2011.

 The state has seen allegations of torture, imprisonment of government critics, stifling media controls, limits on religious freedom and continuing violation of workers’ rights, according to Human Rights Watch.

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