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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

CIA torture report released: latest news

The Telegraph

CIA lied to Senate and White House on torture methods: report Torture 'brutal' and 'far worse' than CIA claimed US risks losing moral authority over torture, suggests Cameron CIA falsely claim UK terror plots foiled due to torture How waterboarding reduced even interrogators to tears
Key findings ; executive summary ; report in full

21.16 The Senate torture report implicates the UK and there is an urgent need “to get to the bottom of our own involvement”, said Andrew Tyrie, the Conservative chairman of Commons Treasury select committee, who led an investigation into so-called rendition flights, said the report. 

Quote It’s impossible to tell how much the report has been redacted or reduced, cut, to take out the extent of the involvement of other countries, in particular America’s closest ally the United Kingdom. 
I think it is quite likely that we will find that those redactions are very heavy. There is a non-aggression pact on this, where the UK on the basis of something called the control principle does not release information that they have been given by the United States security forces, and likewise the Americans don’t do so in reverse.” 
For that reason we may find that key chunks that we would have liked to see in this report have been omitted. But that is no substitute and the publication of report should be no substitute for us in the UK getting to the bottom of this.’

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