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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Jeffrey Epstein: The billionaire paedophile, his rich and famous contacts, and a very dark secret

The Independent 

From former US presidents to Nobel prize-winning scientists, Jeffrey Epstein had a rare knack for collecting acquaintances from the globe’s most powerful and rarefied walks of life. 

The former Manhattan maths tutor turned multi-millionaire financier first became a fixture on the New York social scene in the early 1990s, amassing a list of contacts – from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump to Kevin Spacey – that competed only with his property portfolio in shiny exclusivity.

It was while moving in these circles that Epstein, a sharp-minded philanthropist who has donated millions to scientific research, came into contact with Prince Andrew, probably in 2000 when the Duke of York was on the cusp of a new career as a trade envoy for Britain.

What resulted was a friendship that stood the test of time, at some cost to the man fifth in line to the British throne.

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