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Monday, 9 February 2015


Desert Peace

Uncle Sam should keep that in mind when he signs the next check over to Israel

Leaked documents gathered by whistleblower and released Sunday show that Israel ranked sixth on list of nations whose citizens held largest amounts of funds in secret offshore Swiss bank accounts.

Israel is ranked sixth on a list of nations whose citizens held the largest amounts of funds in secret offshore Swiss bank accounts belonging to HSBC, with Israelis holding a total of 10 billion dollars in combined accounts.

Documents stolen by a whistleblower in 2007 were leaked on Sunday and detailed how HSBC helped cheat the United Kingdom out of millions of pounds in tax.

Switzerland, Britain, Venezuela, the United States, and France where the top five countries on the list of countries whose citizens held offshore bank accounts with HSBC, Britain’s largest and the world’s second largest bank.

The largest amount of money kept in the banks by a single Israeli was 1.5 billion dollars.
 Of the offshore accounts, 9,769 bank accounts belonged to Israelis, and 6,554 clients had connections to Israel, 49% of having an Israeli passport or nationality. Among the names of wealthy clients on the list that was leaked was the diamond merchant Beny Steinmetz and his family.

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