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Friday, 13 February 2015

MSM Outlet Predicts The Future Of 9/11 Truth Revelation, Government’s Game Plan Disclosed

The Millennium Report 

INQUISITR Eerily (And Probably Accurately) Predicts The U.S. Gov’t Response To Putin’s 9/11 Disclosures 

State of the Nation 

TMR Editor’s Note: 

The article that follows offers a quite rare MSM perspective on the U.S. Government’s response plan to Russia’s disclosure of 9/11 Truth.  Everyone knows it’s coming, because there is simply no stopping it now.  Whether President Putin feels compelled to release the 9/11 satellite imagery, or an unmanageable number of American whistleblowers step forward, the dam is about to break.

The point is that the very basic implementation plan delineated below may just be how the Feds react.

Because there are so many U.S Government officials implicated in the 9/11 false flag attacks and coverup, the top tier will be compelled to promote a storyline which exonerates as many of their own as possible.  At the same time the true perpetraitors will incriminate the Bush era bad guys, the Saudi Arabian financiers and any other obvious villains (e.g. Zionist cabal who “pulled it” off on the inside).

No matter how their ‘Execution Plan‘ proceeds, it’s gonna get ugly … real ugly!

By the way, is there poetic irony in the name of the MSM platform which broke this story: 


MSM Article begins here


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