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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Forget your bank PIN: Halifax trials technology where customers are recognised by their heartbeat

Comment: Missed this one from earlier in the month...Welcome to Technocracy.


The Telegraph
Halifax is believed to be the first British bank to trial technology which will allow customers to prove their identity through the analysis of their heartbeat.

Strings of passwords, login codes, PIN numbers and memorable words that we are all required to recall could be consigned to history.

Instead, bank customers of the future could wear slender bracelets which measure the intricate "cardiac rhythms" unique to every person.

The technology has been developed by Canadian firm Bionym.

As with today's existing contactless card technology, the bracelet, called a "Nymi", will communicate with a checkout till or cash machine to allow the customer to pay for goods or draw money.

The firm claims that this new "cardiac signature" will be a highly secure form of proof of ID: more secure than other forms of biometic identification such as eye-scanning or facial recognition technologies.

"In a world passwords and pin numbers, the Nymi Band will allow you to wirelessly prove that you are you to the world around you," Bionym claims. 

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