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Monday, 30 March 2015

HILLARY’s EMAILGATE: The Height of Hubris and Chutzpah

State of the Nation

There are many deeply disturbing aspects about Hillary Clinton’s secret operation whereby she ran her own email server for all of her U.S. State Department business.  As a matter of fact, there are so many profound violations of law and broken department regulations involved it’s a wonder Ms. Clinton hasn’t been arrested and imprisoned — WITHOUT BAIL.

SOTN has no dog in this fight as we have no party affiliation whatsoever.  Our commentary is the product of objective political analysis and unbiased government oversight.  While we do feel that Hillary Clinton is totally unfit to run for POTUS, we feel the very same way about Jeb Bush as well as many other prospective candidates on both sides of the aisle.


As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made a quite fateful decision to exclusively use her personal email account to conduct her official State Department business. Further complicating this unacceptable procedure, she housed and ‘secured’ all email data on her own personal server which was registered to her home address in Chappaqua, New York!
“… Clinton’s private server was registered to her home address in Chappaqua, with the name of “Eric Hoteham”.”[1]
Just in case the reader failed to understand the seriousness of this breach of the public trust, it will be restated as follows:

The former Secretary of State, in the conduct of some of the most highly classified and ultra-secret business of any branch of the U.S Federal Government, did so utilizing an unregulated, unmonitored and  unsecure server in what appears to have been located in her personal residence.

Why does this unjustifiable behavior pose such a HUGE problem?

There are many obvious reasons why such official conduct is unlawful and illegal, irresponsible and negligent, contemptible and reprehensible.
What follows is a list of those reasons, each one of which constitutes an actionable offense which ought to be fully prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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