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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Jihadi John: Mohammed Emwazi 'considered suicide to escape MI5 spies' before fleeing to Syria

Comment: Given the nature of Anglo-American state-sponsored terrorism do we need anymore evidence that this guy was either working for MI5 and/or was being purposely hounded and maneuvered in order to make sure that he would carry through on his plan to further terrorism?  

When we understand that the "Clash of Civilisation" meme is a geostrategic tool then Cui bono lies directly at the foot of the Estblishment and their intelligence apparatus. 

Desperate to escape MI5 spies? More like his MI5 handlers setting up for the grand show that we've all come to know. 

Jihadi John my arse. 


The Independent 

The British man named as Isis executioner Jihadi John revealed his hatred and fear of security services in a series of emails in 2010, saying he considered suicide because he felt like a “dead man walking”. 

Mohammed Emwazi was indeed being watched by MI5, which had been aware of his extremist links for six years before he apparently appeared on video beheading American journalist James Foley in August.

Previous revelations that he apparently managed to escape to Syria to become Isis’ Western poster boy while supposedly under surveillance have provoked outrage and sparked 
demands for an urgent review.

In a series of emails to Robert Verkaik, Emwazi claimed he had considered suicide after coming face to face with a man he believed to be a spy.

The computer studies graduate was selling his laptop when he said the buyer called him by his first name, despite Emwazi not telling him what it was.

“I felt shocked, & paused for a few seconds as he walked away,” he wrote in an email revealed by the Mail on Sunday. 

“I knew it was them!! Sometimes i feel like im a dead man walking, not fearing they may kill me. 

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