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Friday, 13 March 2015

The Decline and Fall of the American State; Enjoy It

Karen Kwiatkowski

The headlines at Drudge are an excellent barometer of what's up with government and culture. Glancing over cops being killed by the other side of law enforcement (the people), Hillary's new Whitewater files (this time electronic), Army and Secret Service partying, drug use, and sex rings, the predictable result of partial "legalization" of pot (neighborhood informers), we find a report that, "Confidence in government is lower than ever!"

Whaaa? The poll, taken in 2014, looked at consumer and investor faith in the "product", i.e. the president, judiciary, legislative as well as mainstream media, banks, big business, organized labor, organized religion, education, medicine and the scientific community.

We are government consumers and investors in these products, although we have little choice. The massive unitary state, this lock-stepping, integrated, wealth-consuming, constantly expanding Rube Goldberg machine is what we the people have bought, and we feed it daily. We are afraid not to, lest it fall down in a million pieces and smash us.

The poll designers were either extremely naive or extremely perspicacious. They have cogently asked how we like our fascism, sunny side up or easy over? Not surprising, the people indicated they'd prefer to skip breakfast, due to a growing queasiness in the pit of their stomachs, and a sense that something is going to fall on our heads.

The poll indicates that we are disgusted by government media, government legislation and 15 straight years of diktatcracy. We have no faith in the justice system and organized religion, and our discontent with the corporate state of big business, big medicine, big education, and big science is seething. All good signs of course, that change is coming. Our identity as "US Citizen" is becoming something we'd rather not talk about. This is how all empires collapse, and the one led by Washington, D.C. is not special. Unlike all the children in Lake Wobegone, we are beginning to recognize our child in D.C. is not above average or exceptional; rather he is a pretty nasty devil who is never going to make something of himself.

Maybe it's the weather, or Snowden, or independent media, or our empty bank accounts. At some point, hard facts around us inspire calls from the crowd of "Why, the emperor isn't wearing anything? He's buck naked! And butt-ugly, too! Hahahahahahahahaha!"

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