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Thursday, 9 April 2015

An (underground) road to Damascus: Isis could tunnel into the heart of Syria's capital to take fight to gates of Assad's palace, warn experts

Comment: So, here it is at last - the whole reason for the Western Intelligence's creation and funding of ISIL. The second attempt to topple Assad after the failed chemical weapons fabrication.


The Independent

Isis is close enough to the Syrian President’s seat of power that it could circumvent the Syrian regime’s security belts and enter central Damascus via tunnels, a Middle East expert has warned. 

Isis is now just five kilometres away from President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Presidential Palace after militants invaded the sprawling Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, which has over 18,000 refugees living within its walls.

Omar Ashour, an Associate Fellow for the Chatham House think tank and a Senior Lecturer in Security Studies at the University of Exeter, said the situation in Damascus is now “critical” and could explode into a prolonged war within Yarmouk, depending upon the next steps taken by the extremist group and President Assad’s regime.

In an unusual alliance, the Syrian government has offered military support to Palestinian fighters battling Isis in order to flush the group out of the camp. The Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad met with a delegation from the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) this week. “Syria and the PLO are determined to fight terrorism, which has reached Palestinian camps in Syria, notably Yarmouk," he said after delegates met. This offer is one that has reportedly been accepted by Palestinian factions. 

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