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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Our world is descending into chaos, have you noticed?

Joe Quinn

The Germanwings crash "trial by media" continues unabated. The most recent evidence produced to back up the official story is the alleged discovery of a cell phone video of the last moments of the plane and its passengers. Reporters from both French magazine Paris Match and German daily Bild claim to have viewed the video that portrayed a scene "so chaotic that it was hard to identify people" where "the sounds of the screaming passengers made it perfectly clear that they were aware of what was about to happen to them."

"It is a video that several of us saw together", said Frédéric Helbert of Paris Match, "that we watched dozens of times. You must understand that this video does not allow us to identify any people, it is not a sensationalist video. It is from a passenger who filmed from the back of the plane. The sound is atrocious. It shows the human dimension of panic, distress, screaming people on board. That is what is terrible. It is a very powerful human element, but it doesn't provide any information that might be useful for the investigation."

Indeed, such a video doesn't provide any information useful to the investigation, unless the investigation is being carried on by the mainstream media, with 'evidence', such as this video, being provided by persons unknown.

According to Helbert the video was obtained from "a source close to the investigation" that "required several levels of intermediaries connected to people working on the terrain." Whoever provided the alleged video to Paris Match and Bild did not, however, give them a copy. It seems the reporters were only shown the video, presumably on some media device like a laptop which was then taken away. Helbert said: "I don't have the video. We had the opportunity to see the video."

The immediate response from French 'authorities' came from Lieutenant-Colonel in the French gendarmerie, Jean-Marc Menichini, who said that the report was "completely wrong" and "unwarranted". This was echoed by the French prosecutor Brice Robin who said that no memory cards had been analyzed as part of the probe. Paris Match countered by saying that if police had not yet accessed data from salvaged mobile phone parts "there is a problem in the investigation". That's the understatement of the decade, and the media is a major part of the problem. Yesterday, Robin backtracked and conceded that it was possible that the video was real and demanded that any such videos be handed over to investigators.

Investigators have also said that they found co-pilot Lubitz's ipad and that he had recently searched online for "how to commit suicide and the security measures for cockpit doors". I was expecting they might also have found that he searched for "how to convince someone they need to go to the toilet" but there's no word on that yet. So we're now one step further along, perhaps the final step, in the process of the disingenuous and deliberate character assassination of Andreas Lubitz: his act of mass murder was no spur-of-the-moment thing, it was premeditated.

So a couple of quick rhetorical questions:
  • How difficult is it to put together a few-seconds-long video of what appears to be the cabin of an aircraft, where no faces are discernible, and throw in some scream sound effects?
  • Are we meant to believe that Lubitz's pilot training did not include an explanation of how to lock the cockpit door, and that he was forced to search online to find out how to do it?
  • Are we meant to believe that when Lubitz searched online for how to commit suicide, one of the results was "crash your plane full of passengers into a mountain"? Lubitz was a keen glider pilot. Are we to assume he specifically chose to kill 149 other people along with himself because he couldn't wait a few days until he was alone? The NY Times, the corporation responsible for initiating the highly-suspect and unprofessional trial by media, has helped to bring me back to my senses and focus on the essential:
"The fact that Mr. Lubitz was researching the security measures for the cockpit door seems to indicate that his actions were not only intentional but probably premeditated, as well."
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