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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Washington sending new batch of instructors to Ukraine - Kiev


The deputy head of the Ukrainian president’s administration has announced that a group of American instructors will arrive in Ukraine on April 20. A month ago, Kiev reported that up to 300 US instructors had already been deployed in western Ukraine.

“A group of American instructors is set to arrive on April 20 in the Yavoriv range (Lvov Region) to train Ukrainian servicemen,” deputy head of the Ukrainian president’s administration, Valery Chaly, told Voice of America. 

Ukraine is satisfied with the pace of military cooperation with the US, but “would like to see more,” Chaly noted. 

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In early March, the Sputnik news agency reported that American instructors had already arrived at the Yavoriv training site close to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Near the western Ukrainian city of Lvov and covering 40,000 square kilometers, it’s the largest military firing range in Europe.
If the American military are training the Ukrainians for a month, it could mean that what’s going to take place in late April is a rotation of US instructors. 

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