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Friday, 8 May 2015

Modern Music: Promoting pedophilia to adults and sexual debauchery to children

"Music induces strong emotions that can make individuals more susceptible to changes in attitude or behavior. Multiple studies demonstrated the influence of visual media on risky attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors among adolescents. Combined in a music video, music and visuals may enhance, redirect, or contrast with the effects of the lyrics and introduce new aspects to the media experience that were not understood or considered previously by the viewer.

"The combination of music and video may be synergistic in their effect on adolescent attitudes and behavior. Once music establishes a mood, the lyrics and images that are portrayed may have more impact than either form alone. Music can alter an individual's receptivity to visual presentation. A study from the early years of music television found that the enhancement of rock music with a visual component increased appreciation of the music. Conversely, research shows that after watching music videos, the visual images persist with the viewer even when that individual is listening to an audio only version of a song; most music video viewers ''always'' or ''frequently'' thought of content from the music video when listening to the corresponding music. Rubin et al demonstrated that college students assessed music videos more positively and believed that they were more ''potent'' than music alone "
So, the presence of both audio and visual stimulation can cause the visual image portrayed in a music video to "persist with the viewer"? They further state:
"Music videos socialize young people by communicating ideas about expected behavior, relationships, and male and female roles. Although music videos are diverse and individual music videos portray a variety of gender roles and responsibilities, content analysis of music videos demonstrates that those who use music videos as a source of social learning generally receive specific information about the roles, responsibilities, and behavior of their gender in society."
OK! So we are now aware that children and adolescents listen to a lot of music, and we also can see that music can induce strong emotions and can "communicate ideas about expected behaviors, relationships and male and female roles" playing a definite role in a child's identity formation, while visual images can "persist with the viewer even when that individual is listening to an audio only version of a song". So what type of music do kids today listen to? 

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